A serious issue with gameplay...

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A serious issue with gameplay...

Post by Sadismus » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:23 am

"Planned Invasion" functionality is bad designed and works unexpectedly stupidly ...
1) Dropships are trying hard, gathering forces over the whole galaxy ... so it takes literally thousands of years for one single planet to consume.. actually any planet can produce spacemarines or police even the closest ones .. well, i had industrial planets quite close to frontline, but those dropships ignored 'em completely, crawling to distant stars to get 25 stupid boats... what a mess, devs, what a mess.. also i wonder why passenger ships can't be fully automatic just flying here and there moving people from older planets to newer ... or just depopulating innovative planets recently becoming agricultural...

2) also i can't take control over any single dropship by disabling thier auto-assignment.. that's stupid too ( you can do that by putting these into fleet with diffferent ship types like fuellers.. ) but that's hard, coz ai always steal 'em before i can press my precious mousebuttons.

3) I prefer fast war flow using small and fast heavy assault fleets establishing blockade to every single system of the enemy, so it won't spam numerous battleship containing fleets every 15 years ( so every 15 years you have to show wonders of maneuver dance and hit'n'run show to beat most modern 1XX designs that often ) (great cheating AI, yes). ... imagine, i put "Planned invasion" tag on every single planet to test ... dropships ended up orbiting over every single planet of enemy in a great sparse without fuel doing nothing... great job lol ... ... that's just bad designed feature to be in acual releae.. please remove it. For now it is only good at auto-reinforcing ... and ONLY if you plan to invade only one system at a time and build spacemarines manually on the close enough planets.

4) And the last :: I love those yellow douchebag superships, steamrolling any life everywhere in the galaxy so hard, that they make every war to stop... but why should i stop war if i blockaded every single system of the enemy ? that's hillarious.. i obviously can't defend enemy system vs whole fleet of yellow flying terminators.. i do damage making yellows to stuck over system without supernovaing it.. send fine fleet to clean those bumblebees, kill em and send survivors to the closest repair station.. enemy immediately spams destroyer (!) ... and obv loses system to the next wave of aliens...then he asks me for peace ... and i can't decline ... and remember, every single system of enemy is under blockade...
After all, it declared war on me and i couldn't save any ships of my blockade fleet, because it uses insta-built fleet of battleships) epic..

GREAT WORK ON TESTING, DEVS... just disable it next patch .. ..

easy fix :: just add couple of settings :: it will ask player for options for invasion :: simultaneous/one_by_one close_combat/bomb_to_the_tomb :: one_by_one+close_combat by default .. bomb_to_the_tomb bombs planet defenders out before invading automatically ..
Also dropships should be tied to frontline and not constantly moving from one side of galaxy to another.. that'll help alot

P.S. :: implementing different kinds of ground forces is kind of a bad decision also .. it all ends in the lands of unnecessary micromanagement.. i guess, i can't roll the fleet over industrial planet and order it to replentish forces...

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