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Points of Advantage in Close Combat

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:13 am
by rbodleyscott
Close combat POAs are always netted out and only the final difference between the total POAs of both sides is actually used. That is why they are called "Points of Advantage" and not "Factors" or "Modifiers".

If both sides have ++ POA in the charts, then neither side has an overall advantage, so the combat is fought with both sides on 0 POA, not with both sides on ++ POA. Hence the rolls to hit are 4+ not 3+.

If Side A has a + POA in the charts and Side B has 0, Side B is at a disadvantage and fights at - POA. Side A fights at + POA. Hence side A needs 4s to hit and side B needs 5s.

It is not possible for one side in close combat to be on 0 net POA and the other on something different:

If side A is on 0 net POA then so is side B.
If side A is on + net POA then side B is on -.
If side A is on ++ net POA then side B is on --.

No other combinations are possible.

The mounted light spear factor only comes into play if the combat would otherwise be fought at 0 POA. It changes the POAs to + for the light spear mounted troops and - for the enemy. (Unless both sides are mounted light spear, in which case the combat is fought at 0 POA again as the light spear factors net out).

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:31 am
by thefrenchjester
Hi Richard ,

thanks for this message , it will help us to explain the POA system to the newbies ;

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