Game seven

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Game seven

Post by lanceflint » Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:35 am

Game Seven.

Having played historical match-ups to date we decided to have free choice for this game for more of a competition style army (in 15mm).
Trouble is we both chose Ottoman Turks!
Pete had used them once before against me so we were aware of their ???form???.

I managed to get 18 units out of the list and Pete had 16 (at 800 points), including 3 of elite Sipahi. Significantly neither side fielded any Janissaries, due to their cost.

We played four hours from set-up to last bound, which produced only 8 bounds, despite both sides getting stuck in. By the end both camps were about to be sacked and both armies had lost 8 Bg`s.

I started terribly and failed Coh after Coh test, lost all 50/50 combat situations, had LF caught by LF and two units of Akinji fled off table by rolling up on the VMD, in the same turn! It was quite simply a disaster and then all the luck (and skill?) turned the other way and Pete suffered the same fate, possibly even worse as I fought back from a hugely disadvantageous position to manage a draw.

Another very frustrating game for both of us, although those of a free mind or someone less critical/historically minded/experienced would certainly have found it highly entertaining. Had it been a competition game proper then I am sure that both generals would have had a great deal to ???chunter??? about in the post-game debrief!

1. Drilled foot have become very expensive.
2. Bow armed cavalry, i.e. Sipahis should spend most of their career in single rank.
3. Avoid fighting with anything other than Elite or Superior troops if possible.
4. Don??™t bother too hard to win on your flanks as the victorious troops will rarely have the time to influence the rest of the battle.
5. Baggage is difficult to get near, even with mounted armies, and protecting it, let alone paying for it to be fortified, is generally a waste of time and points.
6. Very open battlefields that leave foot armies very exposed are the norm rather than the exception (if that is what the opponent wants!).
7. Having four generals is still a complete no-brainer.
8. Bow armed LF in front of melee armed cavalry is an absurdly good combination.
9. Because of the above, the ZOI rules seem to fail to handle more complex situations.
10. Playing in relative isolation is dangerous, we undoubtedly have much to learn!


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Post by list_lurker » Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:19 pm

2. Bow armed cavalry, i.e. Sipahis should spend most of their career in single rank.
Strangely in our game last, it was said - why would you ever put Sassanid cavalry in 1 rank? small angled blocks(to fudge shooting) of Superior shooting Cav seems devastating (tell that to the Romans! - well at least their Gothic subjects !)

The game regularily had 6 or 9 shooting Sass Cav (re-rolling 1's) at a single BG of Goth Cav (not good! with a + for Protected Cav 2 deep). Hitting on 3 re-rolling 1's!!

Shooting definately seems to way forward... although this is after using armies to beat Romans - now being beaten by bows! back to Romans then :roll:

Its all horses for courses! I'm looking forward to playing more people at Usk. Its been good to play others!


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