Cohesion tests for Routers and Dead generals.

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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Cohesion tests for Routers and Dead generals.

Post by lanceflint » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:07 pm

Cohesion tests for Routers and Dead generals.

At the moment the critical distance for forcing CoH tests for the above is a somewhat arbitrary 3 Mu`s (as admitted on the Forum).

As far as the death or incapacitation of a general goes should this sphere of influence match something like that of his powers of command?
So with the death of a TC/FC/IC then maybe the range would be 4/8/12 Mu`s? This may also need to be modified for a C in C as his/her loss at the moment is no more important to the immediate morale of the troops than the loss of a TC. So maybe a C in C would count one grade higher if killed in combat?

This leads on to a similar train of thought for routing units, the swift movement to the rear of a bunch of peasants is unlikely to attract anything other than the annoyance of the aristocracy, whereas if the opposite were to be the case then panic would be far more likely to ensue.
This could easily either be factored in, although I know you are trying to keep away from long lists for Reaction tests, or thinking on my feet??¦??¦.BG`s ignore routs of troops two classes or more below their own class?

It may have the side effect of encouraging more Poor troops to the battle.

As with all of these ideas there are many pro`s and con`s and I am aware of inflicting the double whammy of penalising certain troop types more than once.

There are other ways of doing this ??“ if it is worth it?


Field of Glory Team
Field of Glory Team
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Post by shall » Mon Jan 29, 2007 2:59 pm

More to put into the mix.....we did have the troops ignore those 2 grades below but removed it as the re-rolls largely did the same thing anyway. Poor having to re-roll 6s is nasty. Elites find it very very ahrd to roll less than 6 with 2 re-rolls, so rearly fail. Don't you find the superios and elites tough enough already?

The 3 MU isn't arbitrary by the way. It was chosen beacuse it keeps the same viral spread distance in 15mm and 25mm - being 2 bases in both cases either side of the routing BG.


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