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Possible Bug: Rank not increasing

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:36 am
by fo694013
Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue. I am speaking about the rank on my uniform. I had just started a new US campaign after the Royal Marine DLC/ update. I have made it to the 9th scenario with all decisive victories save for one regular victory on a tutorial mission. I am earning medals and awards just fine, but I am still stuck on 2nd LT. I have tried reinstalling the game and steam itself to no avail. The progress bar at the bottom (at least I assume it is one) directly under my rank in the uniform section remains grayed out.

Also, I earned a couple medals after starting to play the Royal Marines after the second scenario I was awarded the "Queen's Medal for Champion Shot." After finishing the scenario and looking at my uniform, the medal appeared cartoonishly large and blocked out all other medals on my ribbon rack I had earned.