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A small list of suggestions

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:56 pm
by DocDesastro
I enjoy the game very much and would like to see it develop a bit more.

- I would rather see intel pinpointing and marking those militia-spawning caves. Also, I'd like to see special forces being able to clear them out with the chance of rooting out some warlord/taliban leader for bonus H&M.
- Also, we might have a feature like arms manufacturers or arms markets to be taken out in settlements. More to do for our units.
- Maybe for balancing reasons the opium crops should spawn caravans that will travel east to Pakistan border. You might be able to intercept those. Think of them as Taliban version of supply trucks conducting missions like harvest crops and bring them back over the border to score points. Or use them to lower H&M of villages by spreading drugs like an 'anti-UN AID mission'. Although this seems very unlikely for Taliban since islamic fundamentalism does not go very well with drug abuse.
- Also I would like to have more love for building up afghan villages. We have waterworks, but what about local markets, schools and hospitals or argiculture for improving H&M over time. Maybe those villages loyal to you can and will spawn loyal militia over time that conducts intimidation missions like their 'evil' warlord counterparts or attack enemy units. They could be a double-edged sword as losing the allegiance of the village could produce turncoat militia.
- Having a field hospital in range of a village should raise H&M of said village if connected to FOB by road. Think of it offering medical attention to the natives.
- Be able to recruit native afghan informants at your HQ for PP. They have no combat use, might be invisible and will not use rations. Use them to infiltrate villages to get line of sight like having a special forces there. Also, they auto-collect intel for you. There is the possibility they are found and expelled for -H&M in that village or, if the village has warlord or taliban allegiance - to be executed giving a global H&M hit as we know those buggers are somewhat media-capable when it comes to spreading fear.