FOB & Units are named different

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FOB & Units are named different

Post by Deca » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:08 pm

Playing the campaign & on Mission 5.

HQ is in South East.

A FOB starts already built & is in west & Called 'Alpha' with the units within it called alpha.
When looking at it on the Strategic Map, that FOB is called Bravo, but with "Alpha" in orange letters.

If i create another FOB (which will only be the 2nd FOB on map), it is called Charlie on the Strategic Map, but units are called Bravo.
This pattern continues for each new FOB in which the FOB & Units do not sync up.

I know that I can rename the units, but can i rename the FOB itself?

Is there a way to fix this issue as this seems "off".
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