Book 1 - Possible errors in various lists

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Book 1 - Possible errors in various lists

Post by shadowdragon » Wed May 23, 2018 6:57 pm

A couple of questions that aren't covered in the (March 2018) Book 1 errata.

Skythian List:

Less armoured cavalry: In the main list the groupings for total bases are 10-32 bases for Light Horse or Protected Cavalry and 10-32 bases for Unprotected Cavalry, but in the Allies list the groupings are different with 4-12 bases for Light Horse and 4-12 bases for Protected or Unprotected Cavalry. Was that difference intentional? If not, what should be corrected?

Thracian List:

Allies list - Thracian cavalry / "Others": The total bases for Light Horse with javelins / lt spear is 4-8, that for horse archers is 0-6, but the total for both is 4-8. Should the total for both be 4-10 bases or still 4-8 with that for horse archers 0-4? If the latter the bases per BG should be '4' and not '4-6'.

Classical Greek Lists:

There's something peculiar with the Classical Greek list for Non-Spartans. For the main list has the option to "Upgrade hoplites to citizens" which is only BEFORE 460 BC but is for 'Protected' armour. Note that under core troops and for the Spartan upgrades the options are armoured BEFORE 460 BC and protected AFTER 490 BC. It seems like there's a missing line.

It's more confusing for the Non-Spartan allies upgrading hoplites to citizens. There are two options - both "Only from 450 BC" and for 'Protected' armour.

As written, a non-Spartan army can only upgrade hoplites to citizens BEFORE 460 BC but if non-Spartans are allies they can only upgrade to citizens AFTER 450 BC. In both they can only be in 'Protected' armour. However, comparing with the v1 list, it looks like the 'Allies' list entry is correct and the main list entry should also be AFTER 450 BC.
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