Rolfnir Pass Campaign Mission feedback

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Rolfnir Pass Campaign Mission feedback

Post by FirecrackerJOE » Wed May 10, 2017 3:28 pm

Hello All, I am Brandon, the creator of the Rolfnir Pass Campaign mission which is now available to download from the beta version of Sanctus Reach (I am not sure about the regular patch version).

I really enjoyed creating the map and I was very happy to have been rated in the top 5. This was my first foray into map and mission design so I am sure there is a lot that could be tweaked.
That being said I would really appreciate constructive criticism about the mission. Based upon my experience playing the other submissions I have already determined some things I would like to change.

Map/Mission Improvements:
* More Robust story
* smaller but more carefully chosen army lists
* more deliberate cover and/or cover that can be used by both armies
* less linear progression

I would really appreciate anyone playing the mission and telling me what they thought. Even just a story of your experiences and impressions would be helpful.
Like I said I am very new to this and am trying to learn so my expectation isn't for this to be the greatest mission you have ever played.
I suspect most of you will find it somewhat average. Nevertheless it is a unique mission with the opportunity to play both attacker and defender in the same mission. I hope you enjoy it and thanks in advance to
anyone who takes the time to play it and/or post their feedback.

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