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I found out how to make chaos spawn level properly

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:48 pm
by BrotherNabor
There are some chaos units that are unable to level past level 2 if you get them there, but I found a workaround.

The affected units are Chaos Spawn, Demonettes, Screamers and Seekers of Slannesh - currently, once they reach level 2, they get a hit point boost, but are unable to get additional xp and will always show "Level up" instead.

Apparantly it is related to none of these units having a starting ability, I've added "START2 13" to the unit entries in the file Sanctus_Daemon_Abilities.txt.

For example, the Demonette entry looks like this:


"START2 13" adds the ability "Allure of Slannesh" which doesn't seem to be used, nor does it seem possible to use it, so it can be added without affecting gameplay. After adding that ability, the units can advance in level properly.