Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - Daybreak Update - v1.5.108

The Cylons have rebelled. The alliance of the Twelve Colonies falters. Take control of the Colonial Fleet and save humanity from an endless war.
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - Daybreak Update - v1.5.108

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:38 pm

In around half an hour we are going to release the Daybreak Update, the accompanying update for Armistice and Modern Ships Pack.

This free update is the culmination of countless hours of work put by the developers into improving the game. Black Lab Games have always been committed to making Battlestar Galactica Deadlock the best Battlestar Galactica game available. We hope you will enjoy it.


• Support for the Armistice DLC, an explosive new 8-mission campaign set in the closing days of the First Cylon War.
o Three new original tracks by composer Ash Gibson Grieg
o Nine new resource missions that can be played in any Season Two campaign
• Support for the Modern Ships Pack DLC, which contains 4 new capitals ships, and 2 new squadrons, predominantly from the era of The Fall. These ships can be used in skirmish, multiplayer and Anabasis. They are not used in any story campaigns. The Modern Ships Pack
o Mercury-class Battlestar. The largest and most powerful battlestar in Colonial Fleet, the Mercury is a marvel of modern Colonial engineering
o Valkyrie-class Battlestar. A small command ship with a generous complement of PDCs and munition options.
o Modern Basestar. The pinnacle of Cylon command ship evolution, including a regenerative hull
o Hybrid Basestar. An experimental basestar design with a specialised ability to automatically identify an enemy ship at any range.
o Viper MkVII. The peak of Colonial space fighter design.
o Modern Raider. Part synthetic, part sentient, all Raider.
• Photo Mode! Capture epic still shots from your battle replays. Included are a suite of composition tools, such as colour controls and depth of field. On PC, you can also use your captured images as loading screens.
• 3 new multiplayer modes:
o Demolition. In Demolition mode, one fleet is tasked with destroying a mission-critical station: the other with defending it at all costs. The attacking player wins if the station is destroyed
o Extraction. A refugee fleet of defectors is ambushed while their FTL drives are spooling.
In Extraction, the defending player wins when at least one civilian ship jumps out of the battle.
o Propaganda. A strategic satellite relay is ready to broadcast your political manifesto, but you will have to fight for control of the network. The more satellites you control, the faster your opponent’s counter decreases. The match ends when one player’s counter reaches zero. The player with the most points wins.
• Customisable team colours for multiplayer matches.

• Support for 12,000- and 16,000-point fleets with up to 10 ships for skirmish and multiplayer matches. (NOTE: Requires a more powerful system than minimum specifications)
• Enhancements to Co-op multiplayer battles.
o The host of the match can select the AI-controlled fleet to fight against.
• Additional enemy fleets have been created, meaning more variety of battles.
• Fleet Composer UI. Several adjustments have been made to the screen used to create fleets for multiplayer and skirmish battles to streamline the user experience.
• Accuracy printout in Focus Fire. When selecting a Focus Fire target, information is displayed
about which weapons can hit that target, and the chance to score hits.
• Pre-battle Fleet Ship List. When a potential battle is displayed in the Warroom/CIC, the list of
ships in the players fleet is displayed near the Postpone & Proceed buttons.
• In multiplayer matches, Tactical Jump locations cannot be within an exclusion range around enemies.
• Cluster bombs have been re-worked, and now spread damage over multiple subsystems, as well as giving a repair de-buff to damaged subsystems.
• EMP damage has been re-worked. EMP damage is now temporary, with a recovery rate that
starts repairing damage immediately.
• Defender Tech Support ability has an added boost to repair rates
• Raptors can now disable Virus Mines whilst they are arming.
• Changed "Video Browser" to "Media Browser" in the main menu
• The Multiplayer Pre-game HUD now displays the opponent's faction if it changes
• For gamepad users, panning speed is now proportional to the distance the stick moves from the centre (for better positioning, especially in Photo Mode)
• Graphics pass over all ships to balance texture levels, such as specularity and details masks.
Various texture adjustments
• Change environment asset "health bars" to be more readable
• Reduced the number of instances of some sound effects during a battle. e.g. gun fire for better performance and audio clarity
• Standardised slot hotkeys for Viper launch sides
• Numerous graphical and other performance enhancements
• Reduction in memory usage

Colonial Ships
Colonial PDCs
• Changed range brackets from 100/200/300/400 to 200/300/400
• DRADIS increased from 600 to 700
• Corvette Cannon Focus accuracy boost increased from 7 to 15
• Plating rate increased from 0.1 to 0.2
• Max plating increased from 30 to 50
• Increased elevation rate from 50 to 56
• Munition Reload (Fire Control Subsystem) max increased from 125 to 150
• Turret Range (FC subsystem) max increased from 105 to 110
• Increased max speed from 1.15 to 1.25
Jupiter Mk II
• Damage Reduction (Eng subsystem) max increased from 25 to 28
• Added to Battlestar artillery guns to the Jupiter MkII fore group
• Reduced cost of Jupiter MkII from 2700 to 2500
Cylon Ships
• Decreased Hull value from 180 to 120
• Decreased R-SPAM overclock from 4 to 3
• Max Speed decreased from 0.7 to 0.65
• Size Class increased from 4 to 5
• Cost decreased from 2650 to 2450
• Size Class increased from 4 to 5
• Size class increased from 4 to 5
• Drone stack increased from 24 to 40
• Drone lifetime increased from 20 to 26
• Drone salvo increased from 4 to 5
• Coordinated Reload cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 2
• Coordinated Reload cooldown decreased from 4 to 3
• Increased DRADIS & Coordinated Reload range from 500 to 650
• Increased processing power of Phobos
Multiplayer Balancing
• Altered Scorpion Gun accuracy ratings, resulting in lower accuracy vs. squadrons
Cylon Tactical Jump Verticality
• Phobos decreased from 100 to 20
• Argos decreased from 40 to 10
• Cratus decreased from 40 to 20
Heavy Raider Boarding Party
• Heavy Raider boarding party strength raised from 25 to 50
Munition Stack Size
• Colonial Guided stack increased from 20 to 40
• Colonial Torpedo stack increased from 60 to 100
• Colonial PCM stack increased from 8 to 12
• Cylon Guided stack increased from 36 to 70
• Colonial AP stack increased from 21 to 42
• Cylon Clusterbomb stack increased from 32 to 80
• Cylon Torpedo stack increased from 98 to 150
• Cylon AP stack increased from 35 to 70
• Cylon PCM stack increased from 8 to 16
• Cylon Comet PCM stack increased from 10 to 20
Nuke Damage Radius (Colonial & Cylon)
• Nuke damage range increased from 150 to 250
PCM (Colonial & Cylon)
• Cost reduced from 40 to 20
• Detonation range increased from 200 to 250
• Speed increased from 35 to 45
Proximity Mines (Colonial & Cylon)
• Cost reduced from 60 to 40
• Max damage increased from 40 to 60
Comet PCM
• Increased jam range from 150 to 180
Homing Cluster Mine
• Increased damage range from 20 to 50
• Detection range increased from 75 to 125
Cluster Nuke
• Sub nuke speed decreased from 60 to 50
Virus Mine
• Cost increased from 180 to 260
• Hack strength decreased from 0.6 to 0.4
• Detection and hack ranges decreased from 200 to 175
• Deployment range increased from 800 to 1000
• Detonation range increased from 150 to 200
• Speed increased from 45 to 60

• Fixed Bug: Cluster nukes can be fired at unidentified enemies.
• Fixed Bug: In Co-op Multiplayer, AI is prevented from running on the non-host.
• FIX: Possible exception on non-host in multiplayer when missiles are launched
• Fixed fighters not being able to shoot missiles on non-host in multiplayer matches
• Fixed decals rendering on top of some objects they shouldn't appear on
• Fixed decals flickering at some angles
• Fixed "furtive" Revenants, due to AI bias towards hiding in dust clouds
• FIX: No loading image entering Multiplayer
• Fix: Prevented the flak from being displayed on a destroyed ship
• FIX: Missile target widgets is displayed on targets that have been destroyed or retreated
• FIX: Defender Reinforcement Raptors can no longer be given attack commands when included in
the multi-selection set
• FIX: Made the Arachne auto identified, and moved it out from the FTL injection zone in Deadlock
Mission 7
• Fixed ship stalk health not updating on squadrons after repairing in a Gorgon
• Fixed ships imported from a save game having FTL cooldown
• Fixed multi-selecting ships with flak uses distance of only the first ship
• Fixed launch point slot allocations so that one support squadron launches from each flightpod on
Jupiter MkII
• FIX: Reduced the chances of the Argos hitting itself with a missile if it launches and turns sharply in the same turn
• Fix: Helena voice playing in place of Alex after loading a mid-battle save game
• Fix: Missions involving SDU only spawn 1 ship at Fleet Admiral difficulty

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