The Endurance Update is here!

The Cylons have rebelled. The alliance of the Twelve Colonies falters. Take control of the Colonial Fleet and save humanity from an endless war.
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The Endurance Update is here!

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We are releasing the Endurance Update for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock!

It accompanies the The Broken Alliance expansion which will be released later today at 4 pm UK time.

We talked at length about it in our Developer Diaries, and it is here now! Read the full changelog down below.

You can download it from the Members Area.

Update 1.0.35 Changelog

Features and General Updates

- Persistent Damage system, available when starting a new campaign; damage persists
between battles, and can be repaired in the war room; repair costs vary based on
location; additionally, units assigned to Fleet Group Daidalos are given an amount of
free repairs each round
- Damage visualisation on damaged units during battles
- New ship info UI in war room; includes ship repairs, battle history and slot management
- Wardriver squadron Jamming ability
- Raptor squadron Boarding ability, and Dock Target renamed to Boost Firewalls
- Fleet models on the war room table animate when moving to a new location
- Auto-assigning a squadron to a squadron group is now optional (configured in Options)
- New SIGINT advisories added to the Intelligence screen
- Ambient soundscape added to the Daidalos war room
- DRADIS sfx added to the tactical minimap
- Dialogue in cinematic scenes is skippable
- Blueprint screen shows significantly more information about unlockable ships
- Ship List in battle is more compact
- Right clicking ships in the Ship List will now open their ship action menu
- Ships can be renamed in Skirmish/Multiplayer by selecting from a (long) list of names
- Munition and squadron slot icons dim when a command has already been given
- Improvements to highlighting behaviour in the war room
- Planets are now highlighted by the current entry in the Battle Queue
- Quantity of flak explosions is based on Armoury subsystem health
- Supply costs mouseover tooltip during FTL Insertion
- Updated Planet Info UI elements for readability
- Fleet location added to Fleet List in war room
- New strategy layer barks
- Resolution slider added for recording autocam replays
- Performance improvements
- General AI improvements


- All colony Steadfast and Concerned income increased.
Officers & Fleets
- Officer base Fleet Point cap raised to 4000. Each rank in the Command ability has been
reduced to +1000 Fleet Points.
- Higher chance to recruit rank 2 and 3 officers in Fleet Academy.
- Fleets now have a "support slot" to accommodate an eighth support ship. Daidalos and
Celestra units will automatically assign themselves to the slot.
- Quantity of Cylon fleets now capped by difficulty.
- Officers aboard a flagship have a higher chance of surviving auto-resolve.
- Colonial Torpedo stack size increased to 60
- Colonial AP stack size increased to 21
- Cylon AP stack size increased to 35
- AP Missile speed increased to 65 (Colonial and Cylon)
- Deployment pitch range for mines increased to 400
EMP Mines
- Subsystem damage reduced from 7 to 6.
- Stack size reduced from 10 to 6.
- Trigger range reduced by 15%
Viper MkII
- Hull increased to 34.
- Cannon accuracy increased.
- New Jamming Mode ability decreases hostile squadron speed and evade, and has a
chance to redirect guided munitions.
- Dock Target renamed to Boost Firewalls; units with boosted firewalls now show Firewalls
UI without needing to be hacked.
- New Board Target ability initiates combat with centurions. While aboard a hostile ship,
colonial ECM tech teams disrupt the ship's systems, reducing accuracy, subsystem
repair, and processing power.
- Raptors now automatically provide their Boost Firewalls bonus while docked on their
Minotaur & Berzerk
- Minor adjustments to Fire Control subsystem values to increase effectiveness at higher
posture levels.
- Hull increased to 165.
- Max speed increased from 0.75 to 0.85
- Medium turrets added to ventral sector
- Chaff lifetime decreased from 5 to 4 turns


- Fixed a number of issues with restoring mid-battle saves
- Replaced the system used to capture videos during a post-battle replay, so crashes
should no longer occur
- Being awarded two Galacticas after Mission 12 should not longer occur
- Evolution achievement should unlock when DLC is active
- Correct markings and symbols for SDU Vipers and Rangers
- Squardon group settings are saved correctly, so they carry over to future missions
- Low pass filter fixed for all battle sfx
- Fleet models on war room table no longer overlap
- Sweepers stop deploying chaff when destroyed
- Edge panning now disabled when focus is on another application
- Cerastes AI updated to help prevent kiting
- Resupply costs are no longer shown as a negative value
- Selecting ships during a single turn replay no longer confuses selection
- NPC ships are now added to the bottom of the Ship List
- Ship List now ordered by Fleet Point value instead of build value
- More support for special characters on ship nameplates
- Using numeric keys in MP chat no longer selects ships
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