The Fleet Admiral Update is out!

The Cylons have rebelled. The alliance of the Twelve Colonies falters. Take control of the Colonial Fleet and save humanity from an endless war.
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The Fleet Admiral Update is out!

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:22 am

We are releasing the new Fleet Admiral Update, as we had anticipated in the last few dev diaries.

It is a major free update, and it accompanies the Ghost Fleet Offensive DLC.

You can find the full changelog below, but its highlights are the new cinematic browser, new boarding mechanics and new improved officer portraits.

We are eager to hear what you think, so let us know please. Your feedback is extremely important to us, so that we can keep improving the game.

Fleet Admiral Update



- Support for the Ghost Fleet Offensive DLC, which includes a new campaign, Colonial and Cylon ships and Cylon munitions.

> Ghost Fleet Offensive campaign (DLC). A new 10-mission campaign. Colonial Fleet looks like it is winning the war, but a series of events draws the curtain back to reveal the real conflict happening behind the scenes. Separated from Colonial Fleet, Galactica faces new challenges as it joins the infamous Ghost Fleet Offensive.

> New Colonial Ships (DLC)
>> Orion-class frigate. Fast, all-rounder frigate with a suite of stealth technologies. It features light armaments, munitions launchers and Viper launch tubes. It was once called the “pocket battlestar” due to its failed attempts to fulfill the role of a much larger and better equipped capital ship.

>> Defender-class support. A support ship of Gemenese origin featuring a fast turnaround resupply bay for squadron groups. Moderately armed and armoured, it is often deployed with battlestar groups as a marine detachment support centre.

> New Cylon Ship (DLC)
>> Medusa-class. A technologically advanced command ship lined with point defense cannons. It features the R-TPAM (Remote Transmission Processing Augmentation Matrix) system, which gives nearby Cylon vessels a notable overclocking bonus.

> New Cylon Munitions (DLC)
>> Cluster Nukes. It's in the name.
>> Virus Mines. A deployable mine the hacks any units that come within range, causing subsystem damage and loss of functionality
- New difficulty level - Fleet Admiral.
> Various mechanics, including reinforcements, enemy ship quantities, resupply costs and more have been used to create the most challenging Battlestar Galactica Deadlock experience yet.
- Additional loading screens. Several new images are displayed when the game is loading.


- Officer portraits art has been completely redone.
- Boarding mechanics have been changed
> Armoury now affects boarding party strength
> Raptor/Heavy Raider has to remain on the ship. Giving a recall command retreats the boarding party
> Cylon boarding parties no longer completely destroy the enemy CIC. This changes boarding to be about creating a window of opportunity, instead of a binary choice about eliminating a ship.
- You can now pick which ship in the fleet will be flagship (except for BSG-75 and Fleet Group Daidalos)
- Cinematic browser. Rewatch the opening and closing cutscenes from completed campaigns.
- The visualisation of weapon firing missing has been improved, with more variation of miss point locations.
- Leadership is the Officer value that has an effect on their fleet’s posture. Leadership is now clearly displayed in the Officer screen.
- Officer skills are now displayed during the pre-battle phase, in the Warroom/CIC, and by hovering over the officer portrait during battles.
- Veterancy bonus are now displayed in the Codex for Colonial ships.
- Cylon Threat level now has an effect on reinforcements during resource missions. The effect can be seen in the Cylon Threat panel when Cylon Threat levels have increased.
- Middle-mouse can now be used to pan the camera.
- Fighter DRADIS icons in the battle are now longer shown during the launch turn.
- Double-clicking on a ship will select all ships of the same class. (This is configurable option)
- Added a delay when a focus fire target is destroyed before the next target is selected.
- Consolidation of munitions of the same type when returned to a Celestra.
- Added support for two more squadron groups (i.e. preset squadron groups increased from 4 to 6)
- Made muting audio optional when the game is minimized
- Added more tooltips for the music player
- Made the default timer for multiplayer matches 180 seconds
- Increased vertical angle range of rear light turrets of the Manticore
- Increased the number of save slots from 12 to 24 (PC ONLY)
- Updated Adamant blueprint description to better match its actual role


- EMP mine detonation radius has been reduced
- Various munitions have had cost changes
- Celestra plating has been increased
- Hydra repair drones have been buffed
- Ranger FPV decreased from 1050 to 950

Fixed [BUG] Can't complete SM14 if Agathons Raptor added to squadron group
Fixed [BUG] Officer screen shows two different officer icons
Fixed Bug: Inactive fleets are being used to determining the resource mission tier in season 2 campaigns
Fixed [BUG] Cutscene in SM12 plays twice, possible mission lock
Fixed [BUG] Nemesis self-hitting with munitions
Fixed a hard lock on Mission 1 tutorial for gamepad
Fix : Prevented Hydra's Tech Bay displaying Hack strength in Subsystem menu
Fixed Bug: Boarded squadrons can be killed with flak. Also prevented boarded squadrons from being killed with debris mines
Fixed Bug: Squadron prep progress widget is removed if Celestra is destroyed before delivery raptor launches
Fix: Missiles desync in multiplayer in some circumstances
Fixed Bug: Raptor engine plume is visible while docked
Fixed Bug: Keyboard shortcuts for camera rotation not working in fleet deployment screen
Fixed Bug: Multi-select ships during FTL jump can launch fighters
Fixed Bug: Resupply Munitions UI intersects multiplayer timer UI

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Lance Corporal - Panzer IA
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Re: The Fleet Admiral Update is out!

Post by psxyke » Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:47 pm

Greetings :D
The Atlas carrier now costs more FPV? :? what was the point of reducing the Ranger FPV and then raise the Atlas FPV? :evil:

Is there any other change not mentioned in other ships FPV? :shock:

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