V2 Romans vs Dacians AGAIN

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V2 Romans vs Dacians AGAIN

Post by Niceas » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:53 am

Sooooo....Having lost all the Roman heavy cavalry last battle, the Romans decide to go hire some.

1 FC, 2 TC's, 1 allied TC
2 x 6 Legionaires, HF, Armored, Superior, drilled, Impact foot, skilled swordsmen
1 x 4 Legionaires, same as above
2 x 4 Auxiliaries, HF, Armored, average, drilled, light spear, swordsmen
1 x 4 Alae Singulares, Cavalry, armored, superior, drilled, light spear, swordsmen
1 x 4 Numidians, LH, unprotected, average, undrilled, javelins, light spear
1 x 4 Equites Sagittarii, unprotected, average, drilled, bow
1 x 6 Impressed camp servant slingers, LF, unprotected, poor, undrilled, sling
3 x 4 Sarmatian "allies", Cavalry, armored, superior, undrilled, lancers, swordsmen.

Usual trash, but 3 units of superior falxmen.

Romans showed up with more cavalry than the Dacians, figuring that the Lancers ought to have a field day with all that medium foot.

Roman deployment, center and left. The Sarmatians are massed to use as 'fire and forget' weapon, supported by the Roman Heavy cavalry.

Roman right wing. Yep, We're just going to skirmish over here.

Dacian deployment. Falxmen in the middle, flanked by artillery and archers, supported by more falxmen and warriors, With some Sarmatian cavalry on
the Dacian right flank, and more warriors in enclosed fields on the Dacian left flank.

Effect of new command rule: Sarmatian TC can only push two of his three units. (Note to self; take two 6 stand units next time).

More Dacian Sarmatians appear. The inadvertent echelon of the Roman Sarmatians and the Supporting Roman cavalry turn out to deal with them.
Roman center presses home as fast as possible.

Roman light horse discover Dacian noble cavalry lurking in the woods.

Sarmatians charge into Dacian archers and falxmen. Only disrupt the archers on impact, and falxmen disrupt unit of Sarmatians.

Dacian Artillery. Annoying little buggers.

Roman supporting auxiliaries turn out to face Dacian archers, who have come out of their enclosed field. This will prove
to be a mistake.

Dacian Sarmatians charge flanking unit of Roman Sarmatians in some sort of inter-tribal duel. Notice that disrupted Sarmatians fighting
the Falxmen have broken off to rally.

Roman right wing is slowly (and I mean slowly) being pushed back by Dacian foot warriors and Noble cavalry. Charge, evade,
Charge, evade, we can do this all day long. Roman Equite Sagittarii shoot every chance they get at the Dacian Noble Cavalry,
but make no impression on them at all.

Annoying Dacian artillery is annoying, disrupting one of the Roman legionaire units.

Dacian archers are broken by Sarmatians. (But you knew that was going to happen). Dacians rout very slowly, and being an
8 stand unit that actually lost no stands before they started routing, Sarmatians stick to them like glue, and they will
be a long time dying.

Roman front line charges into the Carpathian weed-whackers, with assist by Sarmatians. Both Dacian units are disrupted, but
disrupted Roman unit frags.

Meanwhile, the routing Dacian archers are taking so long to die, that the supporting Dacian falx unit intervenes against
the Sarmatian pursuers.

And The double teamed Roman Sarmatians are broken and destroyed despite fragging one of their opponents. The Supporting
Roman cavalry is disrupted by pursuing Sarmatians.

Things continue to go badly for the Sarmatians, as the pursuing Sarmatians are chopped up by the Dacian falxmen.

Fragged Roman legion breaks, and retires through it's supports, with a General in pursuit.

But one of the frontline Dacian falx units breaks, the Sarmatians pursuing.

The second line Dacian falxmen charge the disrupted Sarmatians, while their friends are ridden down. This doesn't go well
for them however.

Roman CinC rallies the routing Roman legion unit.

The fragged Dacian falxmen succeed in breaking the Sarmatians, who get the epic fail award for this game.

The auxiliaries charge through the bow fire to kill 3 stands of archers in 1 turn of impact and melee. They break the
next turn, and the auxiliaries chase them into the enclosed field.

The Roman right is slowly giving ground. The Roman horse archers will eventually evade off the board.

The Dacian Sarmatians, having seen off all their opponents. Seem to call it a day.

A total mess. The Roman Sarmatians charge the engaged falxmen in the flank, but the falxmen do not break. In turn, the Sarmatians
are charge by warriors to their front, and falxmen in their rear. I guess it isn't three directions. The Roman legionary
unit has taken heavy casualties.

Now it gets wierd. The fragged falxmen finally break, routing through the warriors, who frag, and then are charged by the
pursuing legionaries, and break. Sarmatians also break at the same time, with warriors in their front, and falxmen in their
rear. We're not sure what direction they'd rout in, so decided that they'd rout toward the Roman base line. The falxmen catch
them. The reserve Roman legionary unit despite being disrupted by the Dacian artillery, charges them and kills a stand in
melee, destroying them.

The destruction of the Dacian artillery breaks the Dacian army.

The Romans had a much tougher time of it this game, with fortune see-sawing back and forth. But hey, the Romans don't have to pay their Sarmatians now!

The Dacians never managed to close the door on the Roman flanks, despite winning on both.
Robert Sulentic

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Re: V2 Romans vs Dacians AGAIN

Post by stecal » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:17 am

Very close 10 pts to 12. If that Legion hadn't rallied from Broken...

Ok, the archer & artillery fetish is over. Rolling fives vs armored foot just blows.

If anyone cares the Dacian 800 pt list:

2 x TC
3 x 8 Falxmen
2 x10 Javelinmen
2 x 8 Bowmen
6 LF Skirmisher Bows
Captured Balista Lt Art
4 Bastarne Cavalry

Sarmatian Ally TC
2 x 4 Sarmatian Lancers
Clear the battlefield and let me see
All the profit from our victory.

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Re: V2 Romans vs Dacians AGAIN

Post by domblas » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:38 am

great report!!! more!

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