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V2 Burgundian Ordonnance vs. French Ordonnance

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:28 pm
by Niceas
Guerre du Bien Publique, again.

Burgundian Ordonnance vs. French Ordonnance:

3 TC's
3 x 4 Ordonnance Gendarmes, Knights, Heavily Armored, Average, Drilled, Lancers, Swordsmen
1 x 4 Feudal Gendarmes, Knights, Heavily Armored, Average, Undrilled, Swordsmen
1 x 4 Italian Mounted Xbowmen, LH, Unprotected, Average, Drilled, xbow
1 x 6 Ordonnance Handgunners, LF, Unprotected, Average, Drilled, Firearm
1 x 4 Ordonnance xbows, MF, Protected, Average, Drilled, Xbow
1 x 8 Ordonnance pikes, HF, protected, average, drilled, pikemen
1 x 4 Feudal xbows, MF, Protected, Average, Undrilled, xbow
2 x 6 Ordonnance Archers, MF, Protected, Average, Drilled, Longbow, Swordsmen
1 x 8 Ordonnance Archers, MF, Protected, Average, Drilled, Longbow, Swordsmen

1 FC, 2 TC's
2 x 4 Ordonnance Gendarmes, Knights, Heavily Armored, Superior, Drilled, Lancers Swordsmen
2 x 8 Ordonnance Archers, MF, Protected, Average, Drilled, Longbow, Swordsmen
1 x 8 Francs Archers, MF, Unprotected, poor, undrilled Longbow
1 x 8 Brigans, HF, Armored, average, Undrilled, Heavy Weapon
1 x 6 xbowmen, MF, protected, average, drilled, xbow
1 x 6 Handgunners, LF, unprotected, average, drilled, firearm
2 x 8 Swiss pikes, HF, protected, Superior, Drilled, pikemen
1 x 6 Swiss handgunners, LF, unprotected, average, drilled, firearm
1 x 2 Light guns, Light artiller, average, undrilled, light artillery

Both sides ended up scaring each other into a wide deployment:
The French, at left, leaving the Brigans and Francs Archers in their rear, and the Burgundians to the right, with only the Feudal gendarmes not in the front


Burgundian Center: Archers flanked by Gendarmes and pikemen.

Burgundian Right Wing, ordonnance and feudal xbows, flanked by Ordonnance Gendarmes.

Burgundian Left wing, Handgunners in a field, and Italian mounted xbows.

French Right: Gendarmes, Archers, Swiss pike, more archers, swiss skirmishers, More Swiss pike. Brigans and Francs archers in the rear.

French Left: Handgunners, Gendarmes, foot xbows.

Burgundians start, and throw their right forward to gain a gentle hill to their front.

French move forward the handgunners to dispute the hill, and orient the guns and xbows toward the hill.

French center advances, while the Italian mounted xbows, move enpassant, to march block the Gendarmes.

After getting shot at, the Burgundian Gendarmes chase off the French handgunners.
They stop just short of the French Gendarmes at the bottom of the hill.

Italians try to disrupt the Gendarmes with xbow fire. Gendarmes shrug off the missiles.

French Gendarmes charge into the mass of Burgundians, disrupting one of the Burgundian units, and causing a casualty.

Swiss start to turn to menace the Burgundian xbowmen.

French Gendarmes lose melee and casualty, disrupting. exchange of xbow fire has been totally ineffective.

Burgundian handgunners come out to harry the French archers, while the French Gendarmes attempt to ride away from the Italians.

French archers charge the Burgundian handgunners, who evade.

The rest of the French line approaches to a bow shot from the Burgundians.
Never were so many 2's and 3's thrown--all the bow fire does nothing.

The French Gendarmes lose another round of melee, a causualty, and frag.

The French Gendarmes break and are pursued to destruction.
The brightness at the top of the picture is the incandesence of the rage of the French commander.
A combination of xbow fire and artillery fire has disrupted the Burgundian feudal xbowmen at the top of the hill.

The previous charge of the French archers brought them within charge reach of the Burgundian gendarmes, who take the opportunity to charge.
The Burgundians ride the through the support fire unscathed, and disrupt the archers at impact, and then frag them in melee.
The bowfire of the French and Burgundians in the center is again totally ineffective.

The Burgundian pikes have advanced to support the Burgundian xbows, and the Swiss charge both.
Swiss and Burgundian pikes take casualties at impact, but everyone stands their ground.

The Swiss pikes abandon the French archers to the Burgundians and advance on the Burgundian archers. In the center, more ineffective archery.

With dice rolls like these, who needs tactics? :shock: The Burgundian pikes and crossbows beat the Swiss in melee.
The Burgundian archers have finally fragged the Swiss skirmishers with archery.

The French archers rout...

...And burst through the Brigans to their rear.
The pursuing Burgundian Gendarmes charge into the Brigans...

...and frag them at impact...

...and break the Brigans in melee, killing lots..

...and pursue the Brigans to destruction right up to the French Gendarmes, who have been burst through by the routing archers.

The Swiss pikes have been fragged by the double teaming of the Burgundian pikes and the Ordonnance xbows from Hell. :mrgreen:
The Burgundian archers charge the fragged Swiss skirmishers, who break and run.

The other Swiss pikes charge the Burgundian archers but are held, and even lose a casualty to supporting fire and impact.

Despairing of archery, The French archers charge the Burgundians in the enclosure, and despite killing a stand, lose the melee and disrupt.
The Swiss pikes have now lost another causalty and disrupted.

The Swiss pikes being double-teamed break and rout, the Burgundian xbowmen pursuing.

The other Swiss pikes blow their cohesion test in spectacular fashion and go from disrupted to rout, :shock: and the French army breaks.

The Burgundians had awesome dice in melee this game, but the shooting by the (both sides's) archers was mostly sub par.

The Burgundians did not miss their artillery.

The 4 stand average Gendarme units managed not to break from casualties, but did come close in one case. Probably take 6's next time.

The Italian mounted xbows earned their pay in a big way, distracting one of the French Gendarme units for the whole game.

The Swiss pikes disappointed the French badly.

Re: V2 Burgundian Ordonnance vs. French Ordonnance

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:40 pm
by stecal
Oh, the embarassment! I felt so bad I went out and bought a new car.

Re: V2 Burgundian Ordonnance vs. French Ordonnance

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:25 pm
by Delbruck
Very good report.

It is nice to see the Burgundian Ordonnance beat the French Ordonnance for a change. I have done up lists for both armies and the French seems far superior. The optional superior undriled knights might help the Burgundians some.

Re: V2 Burgundian Ordonnance vs. French Ordonnance

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:46 am
by domblas
very good report with many picts. i fely like i was playing the game.

Please please send more.