Field of Glory II 1.5.22 Public Beta

Field of Glory II is a turn-based tactical game set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BC.
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Field of Glory II 1.5.22 Public Beta

Post by Surtur » Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:12 am

Hi Everyone,

We are working on a new patch, but before the official release we would like you to help us try it out.

A) If you use the STEAM version:
1. In your Library, right-click Field of Glory II, and choose "Properties
2. In the new window, select the "Betas" tab
3. On the drop-down menu, select "openbeta - Open Beta", and click Close. Steam will proceed to update your game. right click on Field of Glory II, select Properties, then Betas, then openbeta. You can swap back to the release build easily the same way.

B) If you use the Slitherine/Matrix version, please download the open beta patch here: ...

(Installing the Beta will NOT overwrite your Field of Glory II release build. You will get a Field of Glory II Beta icon on your desktop.)

If you have previously taken part in a non-STEAM Field of Glory 2 beta, you will need to uninstall "Field of Glory II Beta" (NOT "Field of Glory II"!) before running the beta installer.


Please post your public beta feedback on its dedicated forum over at Slitherine:

- We have hopefully fixed the issue that caused systems with Radeon 5700 graphics card to display hill slopes as water. If you have such a system, please could you turn off dgVoodoo2 if you installed it as a workaround fix, and check that the beta version does in fact correct the issue without the dgVoodoo2 wrapper.
- We would also be interested in hearing whether the issue is also fixed on the Mac PC-emulators that previously had the same issue.
- The fix for the LOS bug (see below) required a change to the way an engine function worked. This should not, but potentially could, have knock on effects on the order in which the AI moves the units in a team, and in redeploying units in the Deployment phase. So please watch out for and report any anomalies with these or with LOS through blocking units.
-The new strings required for the change to the Heavy Weapon rules have not yet all been translated, so will appear in English in this beta version.

• Gameplay:
---o Heavy Weapon: Now cancels only the first 50 POA of enemy armour advantage. As previously, units with less than 100% HW remove only the equivalent proportion of the enemy armour advantage, but this is now explicitly stated in the detailed unit information panel (CTRL-LEFT click).
(The effect of the above is that 100% HW units will still cancel all armour advantage vs Armoured or less well protected units, but more heavily armoured enemy will retain some armour advantage if the HW troops are significantly less well armoured.)
---o Heavy Weapon: Armoured or better protected troops with Heavy Weapon get an extra +10 POA in melee vs all troops except elephants.
• Bug Fixes:
---o Fixed a rare bug that could occasionally allow shooting LOS through a unit.
---o Fixed issue that could cause systems with Radeon 5700 graphics cards to show hill slopes as water.

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