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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:11 pm
by rbodleyscott

This is particularly important if you intend to play MP games.

Nobody should play MP with any mods whatsoever to their main build script files (any file with the .bsf suffix) or squads.csv file.

The in-game "scripts don't match" warning is there to alert the players to such a mismatch.

Script differences can irretrievably corrupt the game instance. This is because the turn replay is not a video - in fact what the game saves at the end of a player's turn is the situation at the start of his turn, and the list of actions taken. The replay then runs through the code again to display the events and reconstruct the position at the end of the turn. Provided that the scripts are identical, everything will happen in exactly the same sequence, which means that the random numbers produced by the RNG for each event will be the same and everything will play out exactly the same as when the other player took his turn. If the scripts are different, everything may get out of synch, and then the events will play out differently, which will result in effectively changing the events of the previous turn.

You can probably get away with modded Mapview.txt or audio files, but I would not recommend any other mods whatsoever to the main build. This includes modding the number of models in the Squads.csv file.

The game has a proper mods system which isolates mods from the main build. Modders should be using that, and not altering the main game build.

All of the officially sanctioned mods that are downloadable in game are MP safe, because they use the officially sanctioned mod system which isolates the modded stuff in custom folders, and because "global mods" (which are also isolated from the main build) are disabled for MP play. Paul59's TT Mod is also safe, because it uses the officially sanctioned system. (The only reason the latest version is not downloadable in-game is because it has grown too large for the in-game unpacking method to work correctly on all systems).

Mods should be created in custom folders, and then the PBEM system will prevent other players from picking up the challenge if they do not have the mod. (Unless two mod folders have exactly the same name. It is therefore important to make sure that all mods, and updated versions of existing mods, have different folder names, so that the MP system can distinguish them.).