Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – v1.3.0 Update

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planets resources.
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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – v1.3.0 Update

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**NOTE: Saved games from previous versions are not compatible with this version.**

*“Heresy... must be eradicated leaf, brand and root. It must be exorcised utterly or it will return all the stronger, time and time again, until it is too great to destroy.”*
*— Galan Noirgrim, Master of the Ordo Malleus*

Today marks the release of 1.3.0, accompanying the new expansion: Chaos Space Marines!

We like you’ll enjoy this update. It is massive, as you can see from the changelog below. A lot of the new improvements have been made possible thanks to your constant feedback, support and suggestions.
Unfortunately, the update is not savegame compatible. If you’re playing through a game and you would like to continue it, a Legacy branch will be kept active so that you can.

We hope you’ll have fun with 1.3.0. Let us know what you think, on the forum or in the comments below.


New Faction (Chaos Space Marines DLC)
Death to the False Emperor

* **Initial Challenge:** Medium
* **Chaos Cultists:** Cheap fodder infantry that can found cities and increase city growth.
* **Unholy Rites:** Sacrifice city population to a Dark God to grant the city a significant temporary economic boost based on the god.
* **Boons of Chaos:** When a Champion of Chaos kills an enemy, there's a chance the unit gains a permanent boon.
* **Spawnhood:** Instead of gaining a Boon of Chaos, there's a chance the unit transforms into a Chaos Spawn.
* **Dark Apotheosis:** Instead of gaining a Boon of Chaos, there's a chance the unit transforms into a mighty Daemon Prince.
* **Marks of Chaos:** Brand individual units with a mark from one of the Dark Gods to increase the unit's powers.
* **It Will Not Die:** Daemon engines that regenerate hitpoints each turn and even consume the souls of their enemies.
* **Veterans of the Long War:** Veteran units with increased morale that gain a bonus to melee accuracy against loyal Space Marine units.

* Added 4 new items: Axe of Blind Fury, Scrolls of Magnus, Tantalising Icon, Omni-Scope.
* Added 13 new achievements.
* Added 5 new tips.
* Added display of total number of Chaos Cultists killed on Gladius to the menu screen.
* Unit overlay now shows if a unit has actions remaining with a player-colored border around the unit icon.
* Holding Ctrl while giving attack orders now makes the unit go into melee range for the attack if the unit has melee and ranged weapons.
* Added population limit to the city overlay, so you can see at a glance if a city is population-capped.
* Items are now colored by rarity: uncommon—turquoise, artefact—purple.
* Elite abilities are now colored purple.
* Research screen can now be scrolled by dragging the mouse left or right while the left mouse button is pressed.
* Added weapons list to the compendium.
* Added compendium faction sub-folders for buildings and units.
* Added Spectator faction for observing games in multiplayer.
* Added setting that controls the audio output device.
* Added a Mods management screen under Extra in the main menu.

* When a hero unit dies all his items now become unclaimed for the hero's owner. This should reduce the overwhelming impact of losing a hero.
* Damage reduction from traits is now always additive instead of sometimes specifying the minimum. This fixes damage reduction buffs and debuffs applying in a confusing manner.
* A single type of damage reduction can no longer apply past 83%.
* Kastelan Robot's Repulsor Grid now returns 17% of ranged damage done by weapons that are not blast, template or witchfire.
* Neutral units no longer gain upgrades.
* All walkers now have access to Hammer of Wrath, as per 7th edition tabletop rules.
* Mourning Blade of Lazaerek now increases melee damage and melee armour penetration instead of hitting additional enemies.
* Gets Hot now deals 5% of the weapon's raw damage to the unit instead of 2% of the unit's hitpoints per attack.
* Smoke screen now blocks line of sight.
* Teleportation is no longer possible into enemy city tiles.
* Reduced Mob Rule morale loss reduction from -5% to -3%.
* Reduced Mob Rule morale loss reduction cap from -80% to -30%.
* Reduced Bosspole morale loss reduction from -3% to -1.5%.
* Increased Extra Bitz upkeep reduction from 10%...30% to 25%...75%.
* Mek Gunz's Traktor weapon now applies Immobilized instead of Slowed.
* Slowed no longer applies -10% accuracy.
* Smoke Screen is now self-target.
* Canoptek Spyder is no longer erroneously considered a vehicle.
* Added missing Tank trait to Battlewagon, Hunter, Predator and Vindicator.
* Fixed Poisoned rank not working. This correctly increases Toxinspike, 'Urty Syringe and Malanthope damage against infantry.
* Fixed Shockwave not applying Pinned.

* 1 turn cooldown weapons that required no action points are now part of the default attack of a unit. This helps with super-heavy unit usage without any significant practical sacrifice.
* Reduced minimum turn number for a new quest appearing if the previous one was completed.
* Increased spawning distance of enemy waves in invasion quests.
* Execute queued orders prompt is now displayed before order unit.
* End turn button now shows the icon of a sand watch instead of unit skip.
* Improved item hints and compendium entries to show cost and rarity.
* Compendium entries now show default stats instead of based on the current player.
* Actions for cycling weapons are now more descriptive.
* Changed key to keep attack estimate visible from Ctrl to Shift.
* Don't show "screen shot saved" message so multiple screenshots can be taken in a row.
* All fonts now support the general punctuation UTF-8 block (e.g. “ ” ‘ ’ „ « » —).
* Added support for non-breaking space in text `<nbsp/>`.
* Improved the look of punctuation by using smart quotes and em dashes.
* % modifiers now show up to one digit after comma.
* Librarian's Objuration Mechanicum application of Gets Hot now shows on the unit instead of each individual weapon.
* Random and Spectator factions are now at the bottom of faction lists.
* Improved jump pack landing sound effect.
* Improved timing of unit die sounds.
* Improved multiplayer movement line responsiveness.
* Improved save game format to reduce GUI lag when many large save games are present on disk.
* Improved performance.

* Neutral units spawned by quest objectives such as invasions no longer run away to heal.
* Fixed AI to prefer attacking the closest enemy.
* Fixed AI sometimes not retreating its army when its cities are threatened by a large enough force.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed non-starting players losing upkeep resources in the first turn.
* Fixed unit queued orders not returning resources when changing orders or when a unit dies.
* Fixed attack estimate not showing for Jokaero Digital Weapon, Orbital Bombardment and Orbital Strike.
* Fixed attack estimate not updating when selecting a targetable ability with a keyboard shortcut.
* Fixed rare occurrences where the attack estimate would show incorrect numbers.
* Fixed Tyranid Prime's Adaptive Biology incorrectly triggering after the first weapon dealt damage instead of after the first combat was over.
* Fixed buffs and upgrades showing incorrectly in the hint of some abilities such as Shockwave and Orbital Strike.
* Fixed Catachan Devil Lair sometimes not dying with 0 hitpoints.
* Fixed notifications of abilities used showing incorrect rank.
* Fixed Attack Squig name not including max rank.
* Fixed Compendium scroll bar issues.
* Fixed Dreadnought ranged attack animation.
* Fixed Feed Upon The Planet tip showing when not playing Tyranids.
* Fixed crash when an item is removed while being dragged.
* Fixed Psychneuein Infestation spawning Psychneuein when a city is founded.
* Fixed movement debuffs sometimes not working properly.
* Fixed animation speed being applied incorrectly for firing weapons at non-standard speeds.
* Fixed centering in the unit portrait being off in some circumstances.
* Fixed Forbidden Knowledge triggering Captain's Deeds of Glory.
* Fixed scroll bar button not highlighting when pressing on an empty portion of the scroll bar.
* Fixed intro cinematic sometimes not playing when starting multiple games in succession.
* Fixed the first fraction of a second of streaming audio being cut off.
* Improved cinematic audio synchronization.
* Fixed cities spawned by kill camp quest objectives not having custom names.
* Fixed being able to click inside the game world while the menu screens are visible.
* Fixed music restarting when the game is saved through the save screen with a new name.
* Fixed rain audio sometimes not playing.
* Fixed unclaimed items being clickable without a hero selected under rare circumstances.
* Fixed an issue with units avoiding their rally tile.
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Re: Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – v1.3.0 Update

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Is spectator mode only for multiplayer? If yes, can it be done for single player game too? I get an error sound, the screen turns black and freezes when selecting spectator on single player and starting the game...and I can get rid of it only by ending the process in task manager.
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