UI tips for newcomers

A mix of deep gameplay and rich historical flavor, Aggressors: Ancient Rome lets you relive history as the ruler of one of the mighty civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean. Choose one of twenty available factions and conquer the world.
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UI tips for newcomers

Post by pavelk » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:21 am

Mouse controls system
Aggressors introduced an innovative way of mouse behavior which is designed to work with the logic and features of the game, however, if you prefer the more standard mouse control system, you can change it in Game settings (Game settings » Mouse » Alternative mouse control).
All functions of the default system are retained including default actions.

Stacked units
If there are several map items on one tile, this is denoted by a small shield or helmet on the side. In this case, only one map item is visible on the map, the others are hidden. By hovering over the tile, you will see all the map items on that tile listed in the tooltip. You can select one of the map items by:
  1. holding right mouse button and left-click on the map item, or
  2. clicking on the small shield/helmet or banner,
  3. double-clicking on the tile.

Political overview
When you receive a diplomatic request or even some trade proposals, you can click on the Foreign relations button at the bottom of the window which brings you to the Political map. Here you just hover over the territories of the opponents to get an overview of your current relations including treaties, ongoing trades and traded resources, mutual attitude, etc.
This overview should provide you with all information you need to make a good decision on the request that you received.
foreignRelationsWindow.png (227.98 KiB) Viewed 1789 times

Loop of idle cities
Cities perform best when they are left to manage their own affairs, however, if you want to go through all your cities that are currently not working on or building anything, you can use the Switch to next idle city button.
First, you need to enable the Extended UI setting (Game settings » Player » Extended UI settings). Two additional buttons appear in the Unit menu, one of them called Switch to next idle city. All idle cities are included in a loop and you can go through them one by one by clicking this button or pressing Ctrl+Spacebar.

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Re: UI tips for newcomers

Post by Cablenexus » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:34 pm

- Right click any flag on the political map to see the attitude and relations of other players towards each other.

- Select a city and right click once and mouse over the city banner to what the city exactly yields.

- Left-clicking the 3D model of the map object in the lower right corner brings up the unit menu, right-clicking it brings up the detailed info.

- Right clicking an owned tile opens the diplomacy screen for the specific faction.

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Re: UI tips for newcomers

Post by GiveWarAchance » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:00 am

Thank you for those useful tips.

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