v1.6.0 Update error

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o cares
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v1.6.0 Update error

Post by o cares » Sun May 31, 2020 12:03 pm

since i started playing the the assualt pack dlc the game doesn't feel right, if anyone noticed there is a second delay between clicking somthing and the game starts to actualy excute what i clicked

goes for eveything from moving a unit from point A to B wont move immediatly , using a unit ability (jink, jump,etc...) to even acquiring a tile it takes a second for the tile to be acquired and changed to the player color.

it wont be noticible in early turns but as the game drags on it will start happening after 50+ turns it will take more then 2 seconds and it will become more irritating spiecally in large game as i always play with 14 players. I also put animation speed to 80 since my games are long .

please note that it is not a frame rate issue. the game performance show that fps are between 50 to 60 and
My graphic card is up to date.

also today the games crashed with the below error, quiting and reload the game didnt fixed it had to start a new game .
Screenshot (137).png
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