Elephants + Pikes + Impact Foot = ???

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Lance Corporal - Panzer IA
Lance Corporal - Panzer IA
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Post by Mahatma » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:15 pm

Is this any better?

1x FC
2x TC
8x Argyraspides. HF, Sup, Pro, Dr, Pikes
8x Phalanx. HF, Ave, Pro, Dr, Pikes
8x Phalanx. HF, Ave, Pro, Dr, Pikes
6x Tracians. MF, Ave, Unpro, Undr, HW.
6x Cataphracts. Superior
2x Elephants
6x Slingers. Poor, undrilled.
6x Slingers. Poor, undrilled.
2x Elephants.
4x Horse Archers. Ave, unpro, undr.

I didn't like the 4 cataphracts as it's too easy to take 1 in 3 combat hits and start suffering CMT penalties, so I increased one BG to 6 and dropped the other Cataphract BG, then got me 2 more Elephants.

Order of march is:
1-3: LH and slingers.
4-6: Phlanx
7-8: Elephants
9-10: Thracians and Cataphracts.

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Lance Corporal - SdKfz 222
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Post by n10cd12 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:04 pm

I played my 1st late Seleucid game this weekend against Carthaginians: (mine is 800 vs your 600 though)

1x FC
1x TC
12x Argyraspides. HF, Sup, Pro, Dr, Pikes
12x Phalanx. HF, Ave, Pro, Dr, Pikes
4x Companions, Elite
6x Cataphracts. Superior, Drilled
6x Thureophoroi, Ave, Pro, Off Spear, Drilled
2x Elephants
8x Bow. LF, Poor, undrilled.
8x Bow. LF, Poor, undrilled.
Parthian Ally
6x Cataphracts. Superior, Undrilled
4x Horse Archers. Ave, unpro, undr.
4x Horse Archers. Ave, unpro, undr.

796 points

I decided to maximize Cataphracts in an attempt to overwhelm the Carthaginian Cav I was expecting. My opponent went much heavier in light foot and light horse than I expected however. I lost the skirmish battle pretty badly, but of course I was expecting that. After he was up 6-0 (4 for the 2 LF bow groups and my camp) my right wing (Companions, Drilled Cats, Elephants and spear) hit his mixed light horse/cav wing and overwhelmed it. (Elite companions with commander fighting is pretty brutal).

My Phalanx never made it across the field before his line buckled.

- Although the pikes never made it across the field I think the small point cost to make the Argyraspides superior is worth it.

Although I was skeptical Elephants would be worth the points, they did well hitting some medium foot spears in an open field.

I think grouping elephants with the pikes will just make weaker wings that your opponents can take strong advantage of. Lumbering forward with the pikes seems to bring a lot of psychology and thus force your opponent to make odd flank decisions to try to win out there before they have to face the pikes. You need to have great troops out there to take advantage of this.


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