The Trouble With Latium...

Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.
Set in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area during the Classical Age, experience what truly means to manage an Empire.

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Re: The Trouble With Latium...

Post by Bombax » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:03 pm

loki100 wrote:
Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:40 pm
its generic, just that it can happen at Latium for a couple of reasons.

Rome tends to an aggressive start (so generates slaves) and you have a lot of demands on your early building slots (so not always easy to fit in a slave market to take the load). I think this is compounded as usually only Tarentum in Italy will build one (& not always) so its not likely you gain one or more by conquest to ease the issue.

If you've been down this rather rocky road before, then you can prepare for the problem, if anything I end up wanting more slaves in Rome for tbe building slots and tend to compensate by using the grain dole decision that also gives you a free population pt.
That's helpful, thanks for the info.

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