[MOD] Faction-Specific Armies

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Re: [MOD] Faction-Specific Armies

Post by nikossaiz » Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:46 am

propably has nothing to do with the decision but with the conversion ratio, exported battles from empires to FoG2 and have the ratio around 50% or lower a few units may not be present at all. i dont know how the game deside which unit to exclude but i can say for sure that you can experience missing units this way.

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Re: [MOD] Faction-Specific Armies

Post by FrenchDude » Tue Nov 03, 2020 4:05 pm

kronenblatt wrote:
Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:17 pm
FrenchDude wrote:
Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:00 pm
I think I have a problem with your mod : When I use provincial units recruited via the "Recruit Local Units" decision, they do not appear when playing exported FOG 2 Battles. I tried it with Rome and the Etruscans : each time I recruited two Italian Foot provincial units via the "Recruit Local Units" decision, and each time they failed to appear on the battlefield when exporting the battle.

When playing as Rome, I tried to build an army consisting of only two Italian Foot provincial units that I recruited with the "Recruit Local Units" decision, and when I exported the battle to FOG2, no units appeared on my side and I immediatly lost the battle.

Then I tried using provincial units with the Seleucids, because they already have several formed provinces at the start of the game. I recruited a few Mesopotamian Liht cavalry before fighting the Antigonids, and it worked, they were there when I exported the battle to FOG2. However, I recruited them the usual way, through provincial recruitement, not via the "Recruit Local Units" decision.

So I don't know what is wrong exactly on my end : Is it the "Recruit Local Units" decision that is messing things up ? Or is it something else ?
I've now tried the "Recruit Local Units" decision in this mod; having recruited Anatolian Archers (prov) as Antigonos using the decision in question and shipped them down to Egypt where they participated in a FoG2 battle. And it worked as intended; they showed up in-game-FoG2.

Sorry, I'm a bit late, I've been quite busy these days, I just started my internship :D !
I think it was just a problem on my end, when I downloaded your mod I looked and played around with a few things in the file, and I must have made an error somewhere. I checked the files for a mistake, again and again, but didn't see any. So I deleted the modified version of your mod I had made, took the original, and remade the changes I tried before from scratch, more carefully this time. And now I do not seem to have any problem when exporting FOGE Italian foot to FOG2.

I hope I didn't make you lose too much time, i'll be more careful next time ! I really don't know where I messed up though, but at least it works now
I altered your mod to make it work with FOG 2 TT Mod, it seems to be working well !

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Re: [MOD] Faction-Specific Armies

Post by Pico2014 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:13 am

Can i use this mod for an ongoing campaign save (vanilla 310bc) or do i need to start a new mod campaign to get the features?


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