Rome Buildings Loyalty Improvement

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Rome Buildings Loyalty Improvement

Post by FlashXAron_slith » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:13 pm

Rome Buildings Loyalty Improvement
... the Vanilla values are a joke and you will only fight local Uprisings and Civil Wars ...

copy that file over the old one ...
tested it with my late Rome game and had to increase loyalty gain around 30%
so that the provinces are better playable ...

would need more balancing, but at least now it is better

\steamapps\common\Field of Glory Empires\Data

it is in the file
and the value of that variable has to be changed

Even I only changed the values of my constructed buildings I have done it with a text editor and "replace all" , so other buildings are also effected, but I am sure they would have needed it also ... sp=sharing

At least now I am able to change to an empire , to see what will happen :-) and don't have to fight every turn against civil wars ...

but you still NEED ALL THAT BUILDINGS to have a good loyalty value
BUT NOW I love my World Wonder
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