Hyping up Epirus ... a partial AAR

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Re: Hyping up Epirus ... a partial AAR

Post by loki100 » Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:51 am

After a break, and a think, I've revised my strategy for this Macedonian war. I'll try to take enough of Asia Minor to form the province (incl Lycia for the legacy).

One of the great things about this game is, that like Pride of Nations, it makes you think long term and in terms of what you want from a struggle rather than just do as much damage as you can.

That should leave enough of Macedonia to be a buffer but give me dominance of the Aegean. The only independent power left will be Rhodes and I don't care about them. As a single region, even their trade acumen is of no real concern.


You can also see the cash pile I am putting to one side. I've disbanded all the mercenaries I raised (even the ones that were elite) so as to maximise this. If you can, don't get fond of your mercenary units, they are for a purpose not the long term.

On the subject of fiddly strategies. I've now got two of these master buildings.


One is the horsemaster, so there I am trying to move all my cavalry into the region (its a +1 on the defensive value so worth it). This one improves HI so am sending my HI over from my Italian army to improve themselves.

Which reminds me, I may not have mentioned my 'Italian' army?

Well the old region of Tarentum revolted against Rome and I grabbed it – not only is it an objective but gives me a useful base in S Italy.


While we are on the subject of small things, this group of slaves are a long way from home, just found them in Asia Minor


And why not


T145, my very first Golden Age


Have sent enough money to Sarmatia to gain an alliance, will be very useful given that Dacia is in alliance wi