ICBM - v1.0.4 Update

The game that will "ruin friendships", ICBM allows up to 8 players to engage in total nuclear war. The winner shall be the one who lost the least.
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ICBM - v1.0.4 Update

Post by ledrobi » Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:13 am

We have released a new update for ICBM, including many additions, improvements and fixes.

- Fixed the faction name in the alliance window
- Added the "ObsoleteIfTech" property to the AI groups, preventing AI from building and restocking this kind of group when some more advanced tech is available
- Fixed the faction-specific missiles
- Added the "AutoRotate" property to the movie index files
- Added the "Slave" property to the units - to indicate the units that can only be hosted by other units
- Added AutoReturn property that makes the unit check its remaining range and returning to the host if required
- Added the ranged units of non-airborne type
- Fixed the pathfinding for the hosted non-airborne type units
- Fixed the problem with point distribution
- Added the "DisablingTech" property for Missiles
- Do not automatically attack the AI units if their destruction can trigger nuclear response
- Fixed AI incorrectly assigning the group leader when a group contains several units of a leader type
- Added the possibility for the game to run in background when in fullscreen borderless mode (auto-detect resolution)
- Does not print the availability of the previous game version anymore
- Added the property "MaxNumberOnMap" to allow restricting the number of units of some type that can be active in the same time
- Fixed Alliance score drawing
- Fixed the "Kill the World" achievement
- ALBMs Range lowered
- ALBMs do not get increased effective range with Hypersonic
- Bombers range is not increased with Air Refuel only, not with Advanced Aircrafts
- Slightly reduced the range of Bombers
- Increased the range of Fighters and Attack Bombers
- Added the possibility for "Seasonal" mods
- Now printing the effective range in the info window for missiles instead of theoretical range
- Added LeadGuidance property to missiles (0 to 1)
- Pollution color and opacity is now moddable
- Satellites now take random position on their traverse path, to avoid instant intelligence gathering
- Filtering out web links from room names and chat messages
- Added the possibility to modify "VirtualCity" unit type, to change city properties
- Added FullEffectRange TechModifier to Missiles - to influence the explosion
- Added AffectedRange TechModifier to Missiles - to influence the explosion
- If some technology depend on another via some zero-cost tech, the dependency is now printed in the tech description
- Added the settings to control Tech Tree scaling and spacing
- Improved the precision of the missile trajectory prediction
- Added the SmokeSpeedMult and SmokeSizeMult properties to missiles to control the smoke of launch
- Changed the hit probability calculation algorithm for ballistic anti-missiles

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Re: ICBM - v1.0.4 Update

Post by PanzerCro » Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:52 pm

Does ICBM have classic single player campaign ? :)

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