ICBM - v1.1.2 Update

The game that will "ruin friendships", ICBM allows up to 8 players to engage in total nuclear war. The winner shall be the one who lost the least.
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ICBM - v1.1.2 Update

Post by ledrobi » Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:09 am

We have released a new patch for ICBM

Check out the full changelog below:

- Added the Campaign mode support
- Added Briefing, and Debriefing for Missions in Campaign mode
- Added Mission control actions
- Added possibility to write blocks of actions and execute them by events
- Added possibility to implement complex events using AND, OR, THEN and NOT operators
- Fixed a crash when Laser is fired
- Fixed the Tutorial - 2 not finishing bug
- Fixed the "disconnect" problems in MP in a number of cases
- Added the possibility to legally define AIVarietyHint or Helper unit property, followed by any string or ident. The values are ignored, but can be useful for some mods.
- Fixed incorrect speed drawing for missiles that cannot be launched under water
- Not printing range for movable ground units
- Now showing the hosted units for aircraft on land
- Not drawing weapon config for the hosted units without any weapon
- Not drawing missile count when it is more than 10000
- BOARD_TOLERANCE is now configurable per-map
- HOST_TOLERANCE is now configurable per-map
- Air-dropped units cannot be collected anymore unless the host aircraft has CanHangInTheAir property
- Units with CanHangInTheAir property now use fuel while hanging
- Added possibility to control MipMapping for individual units or for all units of some specific map
- Printing the Mission Objectives for Scenario mode instead of the scores
- Now you can hold SHIFT while changing weapon config to set this config for ALL units of this type
- Added the protection against leaderboard cheating

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