ICBM - v1.0.8 update

The game that will "ruin friendships", ICBM allows up to 8 players to engage in total nuclear war. The winner shall be the one who lost the least.
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ICBM - v1.0.8 update

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We're releasing a new update for ICBM.

Check out the full changelog, here:

+ Specular highlight and Atmosphere glow are now configurable per map
+ Added global messages
+ Refresh button now appears even if no active games were found
+ Fixed the problem with random region assignments
+ Fixed the bug with incorrect team scores on the final standing screen
+ Fixed the bug with airplanes stuck in the air when attacking a city and more than one missile available
+ Fixed the bug with airplanes stuck over the city during No Nukes period
+ Fixed the bug with ASATs sometimes not engaging satellites
+ Fixed the watermap generation crash
+ Added the support for Tournaments
+ Some performance improvements for the long Peace Time games
+ Added the Night Map mode
+ Added support for 32:9 and 3:2 aspect ratio monitors
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