Field of Glory II: Team World Championship

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Field of Glory II: Team World Championship

Post by Mantuvec » Mon Jul 19, 2021 5:02 pm

The first Field of Glory II (Ancient + Medieval) Team World Championship sponsored by Slitherine will start in September 2021.
The event is open to everyone, so if you want to represent your country you can contact the tournament organizers at this link, leaving your username and nationality in the comments:

The teams will consist of 4 players up to a maximum of 6 (2 reserves). Many nations are still looking for a last member of the team, so if you think you are up to the competition, don't hesitate, registration will close on August 13th.


The FOG2 World Team Championship: rules of competition

This is a team competition, so it is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that all players understand and adhere to the rules.
There are always unforeseen circumstances which may prevent you from finishing matches. However, entering this competition means that you will complete all matches. Failure to do so will not only affect you but your whole team.

The organisers will assume that everyone read these rules and that all the points contained within it are fully understood.
Please make sure you are allowing notifications to be sent to your email address.

The organisers will intervene on the basis of these rules where necessary. If you should need clarification on anything then please ask by posting your question on the forum page
or by sending a PM to XLegione or myself.

1. Periods

Each team will have 4 players. Each player plays in a specific period. The WTC will consist of 4 periods:

Player 1 – Period 1 - 600 BC to 100 BC
Player 2 – Period 2 - 99 BC to 499 AD
Player 3 – Period 3 - 500 AD to 1010 AD
Player 4 – Period 4 - 1011 AD to 1300 AD

Each player will play one match against all the other players in their period and in the same group. Each player will remain in the same period throughout the tournament.
Any eventuality not covered by these rules will be subject to adjudication by the organisers. The adjudication panel currently consists of Xlegione (Stefano) and Eric.

2. Joining the WTC and selecting your armies

All players are welcome. Each player chooses an army with an ally for each of the periods. They will not be able to use the same army or nation in the next WTC. All players in each period can use the same army.

3. Participation in the WTC

It is expected that players will complete all their matches and play fairly and by the rules. If one player is not doing so, it will affect his score but also his whole team’s. If a player is unable to continue, make sure you have at least one reserve in your team. It is expected that players will complete all their fixtures. Those who do not may be excluded from subsequent WTC tournaments.

Players must register one result within two weeks of the start of the group stage and three results within six weeks or they may be replaced by a player from the reserve list.

4. Matches

Either player may initiate a match by posting a challenge in the appropriate thread in the competition forum and by sending a PM to their opponent.
All matches will select "Open Battle" for the scenario type. All battles will use 1200-point armies, players will choose a “Medium" army and a “Medium" battlefield, Potluck terrain and 24 turns.

If a match is set-up incorrectly for any reason, then it must be re-started as soon as possible.

Both players must agree to restart a match within the first three turns if they believe the terrain is likely to produce a sterile match or a draw. The maximum number of re-starts permitted for a single match is two.

Reporting the result of a match is the responsibility of the winning player. If you are a losing player and notice that the result has not been posted after three days, you should post the result yourself. The team captain will also be responsible.

4a. Group Stage and Knockout rounds

There will be a random draw made for the group stage.

If 20 teams, there will be 4 groups of 5, no group will contain 2 or more of the same nation. The 1st and 2nd team from each group will go through to the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final. 3rd and 4th placed teams will enter the “complimentary” QF, SF and Final.
If 24 teams, there will be 6 groups of 4, no group will contain 2 or more of the same nation. The 1st, 2nd and 4 teams with the best scores in the 3rd spot will go through to the 1st round, QF, SF and Final. The remaining teams will enter the “complimentary” QF, SF and Final.
For the 1st round, QF and SF, games will be pre-determined based on positions in group stage.

5. Winning Group and KO points

Points will be awarded as follows:

4 points - for a win where the losing player has not scored 50% or more
3 points - for a marginal win where the losing player has scored 50% or more
2 points - where both players scored 60% or more, or where a player has scored at least 25%
1 point - for a marginal defeat where the losing player has scored 50% or more
0 points - where a player has not scored 25% or more

To win a game a player must always “rout” the opponent’s army. A "rout" occurs when an army breaks and 60% of its original troops are routed or dispersed, or if 40-59% of its original troops are routed or dispersed and the opponent has lost at least 25% less.

A draw will occur where neither army has broken by the match turn limit (24 turns), or at any point in the match by agreement between the two players.

If two or more teams finish on the same number of points at the end of the group or KO stage, the team with most wins will be placed higher in the table or will have won. In the group stage, if two or more teams have the same number of wins then the results of the matches between those two or more teams will determine the final positions in the group table. Where these results still do not separate the teams, the team with the better score difference/aggregate will be higher in the table or wins. If there is still a tie, a toss of a coin will decide.

6. Player etiquette and withdrawal from the league

Please treat organisers and other players in the way that you would wish to be treated yourself. Please visit the Field of Glory 2 forum regularly and log in to see if there are any messages for you. Make sure you have your notifications on. Try to respond to communications as quickly as you can and once you have started a match play at a regular pace so it can be completed within a reasonable timespan. It is expected that each group stage/KO matches will be completed within 2 weeks of their starting date and for all group stage matches to be completed within 6 weeks. Matches that are not completed will be adjudicated by the organisers. We would require screenshots for this.

Please do not resign a match if you are less than 15% behind your opponent. Failure to follow this rule may affect your future entry rights.
Please notify the tournament organisers if you are unable to contact an opponent to start a match after 4 days have elapsed.

If your opponent has not moved at all for 4 days without explanation then you are entitled to claim the match automatically by using the multi-player in-game facility provided and contacting the organiser with the proof required.

If you wish to resign from the league, or if you will not have time to finish all of your matches, please notify your captain and tournament organisers as soon as possible. Hopefully, your team or the organisers will have a reserve player who can start immediately. If you have not completed any matches in the group stage your record will be removed completely.

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Re: Field of Glory II: Team World Championship

Post by bedifa » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:24 am

I won't lie, I can't even wait to try this one.
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Re: Field of Glory II: Team World Championship

Post by ericdoman1 » Thu Aug 05, 2021 5:09 pm

bedifa wrote:
Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:24 am
I won't lie, I can't even wait to try this one.

Hi Bedifa

Apologies for very long delay but as I haven't posted on this topic. I didn't receive any notifications.

If you go to viewforum.php?f=660

there are various topics on rules, armies, teams etc. All countries have the necessary number of players for teams, some may need reserves and there is also the additional reserves list.

Maybe you are able to enter veven if it is a reserve but it will take place in 2022 so jump in first. BTW you can apply to enter the digital league when it begins again go to viewforum.php?f=501

There are also other tournaments they can be found on viewforum.php?f=494


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