Aggressors - Dev Stream on Military Command

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Aggressors - Dev Stream on Military Command

Post by AlbertoC »

This Friday we are going to start the first stream of a series of developer streams for Aggressors: Ancient Rome.

The lead designer himself, Pavel Kubat, is going to stream Aggressors live, focussing every time on a different aspect of the game.

All of these streams will be extremely detailed and in-depth, offering deep insight on the game's mechanics.

This time he will focus on Military command: how warfare works, how to get the best performance out of your units, how to exploit terrain to your advantage, how to wage a war from a strategic point of view, and more.

So join us on our Twitch channel this Friday on September 7th at 9 pm CEST.

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Re: Aggressors - Dev Stream on Military Command

Post by Blathergut »

Is this still watchable somewhere?
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Re: Aggressors - Dev Stream on Military Command

Post by pavelk »

Here it is.
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Aggressors - Playing The Game!.

Post by Retributarr »

I have been playing this GAME for quite a few hour's, and I have to say that it is quite good!, I enjoy playing it... "So"...Therefore... I recommend it!.
There's somewhat of a learning-curve involved before you can really begin to master the Game, before you can really start to play this game in Confidence and to your Satisfaction.

There are, however some Game-Adjustments that I would like...and...'If only I could recall them all right now?"_ Perhaps later on!. But!...For now, to begin with...

***An Option to press a Tab (Could be represented by Magnifying Glass Icon?) of some sort to Briefly Enlarge a 'Pop-Up-Box' or the other written or scribed fixed boxes on the Game-Screen...where then I could perhaps then 'scale-up' the size of the 'Pop-Up-Box' by means of using my 'Mouse-Wheel' so that I could finally set it to a SIZE that I find it easy to read the information or message.

***I would also like to be able to change or redo/re-enter the Name of a City...especially if I entered it incorrectly the first time...and now the Name of the City is unintentionally Set/Fixed permanently!(Right now I am unable to Change it). The same goes for when the Game is first started and the player enters the name of his Empire. I again had the same issue, and would have appreciated a way to Undo the entered name and now be able to Change again it if I want too.

***Land-Owner-Ship_ I noticed that when my "Confederation-Ally" attacks...for instance a Carthaginian Invader on "My land" and is successful in destroying him, my previous property now becomes his???...How is that???. This is especially disturbing when for instance it's your Gold-Mine.
~~~Now on the Converse!, when I'm on his territory...pushing back the boundaries of his adversary into the Enemies territory...I am now expanding or making his territory larger!, "How is that???".
- - - There are possibly a few more of these "Quirks" that I have dealt with, but they are not coming to mind at this moment. Anyway that's it for now!.

No!, that is Not-All-For-Now!.
When I try to "Start" the Game, all I see is an Endlessly Long Blank Screen!. The Game is not loading up???. To force the Game to 'Load-Up', I first have to do a "Check For UPDATE". Once the Update-Sequence has been completed, then the Agressor's-Game finally will load up for me.
Can this Fester be rectified?.
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Re: Aggressors - Dev Stream on Military Command

Post by zakblood »


is the correct place for tech support
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