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Fornovo 1495

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:58 am
by Rekila
Here is our Fornovo scenario for FoG. We played it this summer with great success The scenario is inspired on the lists on the Fornovo Osprey Book by David Nicolle and Richard Hook (an excellent title!) with some changes to adapt them to the FOG lists, (Storn of arrows. Ordenance French and Condotta italian ) our own miniatures collection (and in some case our own opinion of the battle).
First the Armies:
De Gié. (Troop commander)
1x 6b Gendarmes d’Ordonnance
1x8b Ordenance longbowmen
2 x 2b heavy guns
1x 2b light guns
The Swiss and German:
Antoine de Bessey (Allied field commander)
4 x8b Swiss Pikemen
1 x8b German mercenary harquebusiers (light foot)
The Italians:
Trivulzio. (Allied field commander)
1x 4b Condotta lancers.
1 x4b Mounted crossbowmen (light horse)
1x 8b Italian crossbowmen (average)


Charles VIII (Inspired commander)
La Trémoille (Field commander)
1x 6b Gendarmes d’Ordonnance
1x 6b Mounted Archers (cavalry, armoured)
1x 8b Gaston crossbowmen (Poor)
1x8b Franc archers (Poor)

Jean de Foix (Troop commander)
1x 6b Gendarmes d’Ordonnance
1x 8b Franc Archers (Poor)
1x 8b Gaston Crossbowmen (Poor)
2x 6b French infantry (Heavy weapon, Poor)

BAGGAGE Fortified camp (convoy)
TOTAL: 1717pts

RIGHT (Milan, Bologna)
Galeazzo di San Severino. (Allied field commander)
Bentivoglio (Allied troop commander)
2x 6b Condotta Lancers
1 x4b Mounted crossbowmen
1x 8b German Pikemen
1 x 8b Infantry
1x 8b Milanese militia (handgun, medium foot, average, swordsmen)
1x 2b light guns

1 fortified camp
1x 8b Crossbowmen
1x 6b Infantry (heavy weapon)
1 x 6b Condotta lancers

6b. Field fortifications
1 x 8b crossbowmen
1 x2b Bombards

Francesco Gonzaga. (Troop commander)
Ridolfo Gonzaga (Field commander)
2x 6b Condotta lancers
2 x4b Condotta lancers
1 x4b Mounted crossbowmen (light horse)

1 x8b Italian crossbowmen
1x6b Venetian colonial archers (light foot)
1x 6b Swordsmen
2 x8b Handgunners (light foot)
2 x6b Infantry (H.Weapon)
1x 8b pikemen

LEFT (Venice) Di Montone (Troop commander)
2 x6b Condotta Lancers.
1x 4b Mounted handgunners (cavalry)

FLANK FORCE Rannuncio Farnese (field commander)
2 x6b Stradiots (cavalry)
2 x6b Mounted crossbowmen (light horse)
1 x4b Mounted handgunners (cavalry)
TOTAL 2331 pts

Note. The right or Milanese/Bologna contingent under Galeazzo is an allied contingent, not in line of command with the rest of the army. The flank force under Rannuncio is a flank march!!

BATTLEFIELD & DEPLOYMENT. The most important feature is the river. It must be placed on the Italian area of deployment, and given a bent so that it follows the table edge on one long and one short side. The Italians were to be deployed there, between the river and the two table edges, more or less in their historical positions. The river can be forded only in three points. One in the short right side, in front of the Milanese contingent, 10 bases long. Other, narrow, (5 bases long) in the centre of the long Italian side; in front of the centre division. In both the river around 4 MU wide. And the third on the Italian left, 10 bases long but here wider: 12 MU. The Italian Camp must be placed in the corner between the long and short Italian sides with the heavy artillery near, on the riverbank with the FF. An independent dice should be rolled for each of the three fords to define the type of terrain, with a +1 to avoid the impassable result.
Apart of that, on the “French” side a few low hills on the left: the area were the Italian Flank force is supposed to appears. The French were to be deployed on the centre of the board in a long column facing the ford in front of the short table edge with the three divisions clearly separated by gaps; the heavy guns on the right side of the vanguard in front of their Italians counterparts and the baggage on the centre away from the river.
No especial rules are to be used. (Don’t like scenarios especial rules as a norm). But it will be good to enlarge the artillery and handgun range by 50% (as we normally do in our late XV century games)

AND NOW THE PHOTOS. (Unfortunately they aren’t very good so I apologist for that, all my fault)

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:24 pm
by robertthebruce

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:21 pm
by Rekila
Thanks! I must say that for so big a battle, and only two players, it take us a surprising short time to finish it. It was a very entertaining one also, with the situation changing very quickly. And a close affair in the end!
The scenario could be easily adapted to any collection of figures, as the exact composition of the Italian infantry is, for example, irrelevant. They are there, basically, to scare the French with they number!

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:30 pm
by robertthebruce
Is there 28mm figures?. They looks very nice, although the photos aren´t the best.

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:31 pm
by Rekila
Yes and yes. They are 28mm and the photos are a disaster! I’m thinking that that need to be amended. Maybe playing it again using FoG Renaissance!

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:53 pm
by robertthebruce
To make good pictures in indoor places, you need a tripod or non fluorescent light.

I hope to see the FOGR pictures soon, I have played some games during the test, and now I´m making some armies with my friends. I like the rules a lot.

Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:08 pm
by Rekila
I have already post the Renaissance scenario on the FoGR forum by now (with better photos) I also intended to do a battle report when the game is over, center on the use of Fog A/M and Fog R on the same game.