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Scenario Guidelines

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:11 am
by rbodleyscott
Please start a new thread for each scenario and include the name of the battle, the date, and the names of the protagonists in the thread title.
Millsy wrote:Having some sort of template which people could write to would be very handy. Many gamers are history readers but not writers. A predefined structure or framework which tells you what you need to provide would be a big help and encourage contributions. Others with experience of the game might be able to add / improve on the following that (I think) you need in any scenario:

- Scenario name i.e.) Battle of Marathon, Greece, 490BC
- Historical / ahistorical
- Complexity level: Small / Medium / Large - possibly based on force size,
- Opposing forces and rounded point totals
- FoG supplement or "home-baked" where no supplement exists (yet!?)
- One paragraph summary of actual / imagined events

- Detailed orbats with appropriate points
- Command ability

- Terrain
- Motivation / objectives
- Deployment restrictions
- Turn limit / other in-game restrictions
- Victory conditions

- Further reading, web sites, etc

What have I missed? ;-)

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:28 am
by rbodleyscott
MikeK wrote:Millsy, I liked your outline. I have some suggestions below.

- Scenario name i.e.) Battle of Marathon, Greece, 490BC, Historical / ahistorical, identify opponents and the lists they use**
- A least a brief summary of the background, battle, important tactical events, and broader significance (as Luddite has done). If interwoven with scenario designers' notes, the battle account might go towards the end after the scenario is fully described.
- Points totals or ranges, any complexity warnings (e.g., player experienced with missile cavalry should handle the right flank etc., central infantry recommended for new players). Set-up and playing time results if tested or played.

** here would be the army list names, Companion book names and list number or page, otherwise a link to a player-developed list or a note that it's included later in the scenario. In some cases there may be scenario specific options allowed in the order of battle for players to choose before deployment.

- Victory conditions or metrics
- Motivation / objectives / player-specific briefings here or separately

Forces: (put this here since it is long and the items above can be fairly brief)
- Detailed orbats with points calculations and including order of march for deployment purposes.
- Reinforcements

Scenario Details:
- Map/Terrain/Weather and any related special rules/restrictions and scale related notes (I like to see armies and map before scenario details since it gives context, though others may differ)
- Deployment requirements/restrictions; whether some standard deployment rules do or don't apply
- First mover, any turn limit, any other general in-game restrictions
- Special Events and triggers
- Other Special Rules

Designer's notes/comments (I love designer's notes)

- Further reading, web sites, etc

We'll probably see test/battle reports, comments, critiques, alternative scenario ideas all in one scenario thread, but it can get congested and hard to follow, so it might be useful to start or request different fresh threads for specific topics - such as "Kadesh Scenario Army Lists " where the players have to generate their own lists, or "Kadesh Scenario AARs" etc.

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:29 am
by rbodleyscott
flameberge wrote:Suggested format going off of our posts:

Title and date of battle
Brief (fictional or Historical) overview of the events leading up to the battle
Scenario: Historical or Fictional
Size of game to be played (in other words, is the scenario a large or small number of points)
Suggested # of players (new idea as far as the format goes)
Supplements needed to play the scenario

Army lists, including (if neccessary) order of battle as well as total points of each army
Special rules (includes deployment rules, special events, triggers, etc.)
Objectives/victory conditions
Turn limit

Optional author notes on why he created special rules, or did things a certain way etc.

Optional modifications to the scenario such as how to make the scenario more follow the historical battle or how to give the players more leeway in how they want to execute the battle instead of following the historical path, or how to make the game shorter/longer, how to incorporate the scenario into a campaign, etc.

References/Further reading

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:32 am
by rbodleyscott
jdm wrote:Excellent start guys. Of course we need to make it clear that these are only recommended guidelines to help contributors . We dont want to put of anyone who wants to take part, but a common format will be a good starting point