Caster of Magic for Windows is available now

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Caster of Magic for Windows is available now

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:09 pm

The new edition of Caster of Magic which runs natively on Windows is available now.

Developed by Seravy, a well-known member of the Master of Magic community, Caster of Magic for Windows is the upgraded edition of a real classic of the strategy genre from the 90s.

Caster of Magic for Windows brings the much-loved game Master of Magic into the modern era with full and native Windows support. This includes a fully resizable game window and full screen support as well a huge amount of work put forward into making this game run with exceptional smoothness and stability.

It is not just system support improvements that have been made, however, as the gameplay that stood up to the test of time has been massively expanded. There are now variable map sizes, new game mods and options, 21 new spells seamlessly blended into the unique magic system that has kept the fans playing for decades. In fact, the original classic on steam still enjoys a 98% positive user review score at the time of writing.

In case you don't own the base game, there is no better way to get into Master of Magic now than by getting its new Master of Magic Complete bundle, and enjoy a 30% discount.

Features list:
- Runs natively in Windows
- Borderless Fullscreen support and freely resizeable game window, not locked to any specific aspect ratio
- Play against up to 13 enemy wizards each with a different personality
- Multiple game modes and map sizes
- Seamless, procedurally generated terrain
- Improved UI and production queue system
- Improved AI that offers a challenge even to veteran players
- 21 new spells
- Improved item creation

Caster of Magic started out as a mod, championed by Seravy and building on top of the already popular community patch. Caster of Magic has been a fan favorite of the Master of Magic community and we are pleased to be able to work with Seravy to officially integrate Caster of Magic, giving him the recognition he deserves.

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