Master of Magic - v6.04 Update

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Master of Magic - v6.04 Update

Post by AlbertoC » Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:26 pm

We are releasing a new update for Master of Magic, bringing the version number to 6.04.

You can find the full changelog down below. Let us know what you think of the changes and bug fixes, and if you have any feedback for us we'll be happy to read it.


• Fixed bug : Sage Master adds +33% research instead of the intended +25%.
• Fixed several inaccurate texts in the game help entires.
• Removed leftover combat AI attack targeting priority code that reduces priority by -10 on targets with attack less than half the attacking unit's defense which was referencing a no longer used and unset variable to check for enemy defense.
• Units standing on non-gate tiles protected by City Wall no longer have their combat melee attack targeting priority set to -20, instead the priority is decreased by 5 only. This should help the AI pick the correct target after entering the tiles inside the city. (units on the gate, or when the attacker is a Wall Crusher, still receive +5 priority, as eliminating that unit helps other units to gain access to the inside of the city) -Fixed bug : The AI checks the wrong type of immunity when deciding if a unit is allowed to cross Wall of Fire. (Fire Immunity was working as intended, but instead of Magic Immunity, Cold and Death were checked.) -The AI now recognizes combat Stasis as a curse that needs to be removed when calculating Dispelling Wave combat priority.
• Fixed bug : AI prioritizing targeting the unit at the city gate with Web above all other units had no effect. However, this priority will now only apply if the target is a flying unit.
• The AI will avoid targeting units affected by Stasis in combat using Web and Mind Storm.
• Fixed bug : AI calculates targeting priority for Life Drain and Syphon Life wrong, resulting in not properly recognizing differences in expected damage output.
• Fixed bug : AI prioritizes units with Purify instead of Invisibility as targets for direct damage.
• AI combat direct damage target selection : flying targets get 25% higher additive priority instead of 50% higher multiplicative.
• AI combat direct damage target selection : expected damage dealt beyond the target's remaining hp+3 is ignored in the priority. (damage is random but at this much extra it's high enough chance the target dies so any further is a waste) -AI combat direct damage target selection : If a target is expected to die, priority increases by (9+cost of unit/20) instead of units costing 250 or higher increasing priority to 4 times the original and other units receiving no bonus priority at all.
• Adjusted calculation for spell priority to match the above 2 changes.
• AI unit resistance based spell targeting priority : If the spell directly or indirectly kills the unit (Black Sleep, Confusion, Creature Binding kills indirectly), success rate has to be at least 10% for heroes, 20% for units costing 150 or more, and 30% for everything else. If the spell does not kill the unit even indirectly then the rate has to be 30%. If the success rate is below, the AI treats the unit an invalid target. (Shatter and Possession are except from this update as they are limited to normal units which will rarely be important enough to risk the below 30% chance, so these spells
still require a 30% chance to be cast. Previously spells directly killing units required 10% while other spells 30% regardless of what the target was. This meant even if there was a 20% chance to confuse a demigod hero, the AI ignored the opportunity. Note this is only a change for targeting validity. Targets with a low success rate still result in lower priority to actually select and cast that spell, but it is now an option.) -Warp Creature is now on the list of spells the AI will avoid casting in unimportant battles while banished to save mana.
• Fixed bug : additional priority to cast Flight on nonseaworthy melee units in naval combat had no effect.
• The above bonus priority now also applies to Wraith Form -Fixed bug : AI considereder Air Elemental summoning as a strategy to stall when the fastest own unit was faster than speed 4 instead of when the fastest enemy was slower than 5.
• Fixed bug : The AI cannot target units with Magic Immunity using Warp Wood even though the spell affects those units.
• Fixed bug : The AI will avoid casting healing and reviving spells in unimportant battles while banished to save mana when the target is a powerful unit, instead of when the target is a weak unit.
• Fixed bug : The AI wasn't able to target enemy units using Animate Dead.
• Fixed bug : Massacre and Holy Word priority is calculated wrong : fewer living figures in the unit resulted in higher priority to cast instead of lower.
• Fixed bug : AI spell priority calculation for Mana Leak checks enemy city wall presence wrong.
• AI Wave of Despair now correctly checks for the only affected unit being combat summoned Wild Boars instead of combat summoned Centaurs.
• Fixed bug : Combat cast Wraith Form didn't protect from Entangle's effect.
• Fixed bug : Combat turn ends when all units were unable to move but a control changing spell (Confusion, Possession, Creature Binding) successfully gave the player a unit that can be moved.
• Fixed bug : Housing formula can yield a negative bonus growth in extreme cases (very bad terrain+slow growing race) -Housing formula now yields a minimum of +40 growth before the modifier for rebels/farmers.
• Fixed bug : When an outpost is destroyed that had a Summoning Circle, the circle isn't moved to the owner's fortress.
• It is no longer possible to lose 1 mana crystal on rounding while using Alchemy.
• The AI is now allowed to send units into and use towers that have no garrison but were last used by a non-enemy player, displaying their flag color.

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