List of Master of Magic Related Games & Mods

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List of Master of Magic Related Games & Mods

Post by Blake00 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:36 pm

Hey guys,

As someone who has worked a lot over the last year years to keep MoM relevant and the community alive I'm so happy to see a brand new official Master of Magic forum, I'll have to share the good news with my members in the MoM Facebook group ASAP! :)

Some of you may have seen this thread before in some of the old MoM communities but now that we've got some nice new ones courtesy of our new Slitherine friends I figured I'd port it over to here too! :)

Long story short, a few years back I re-installed MoM from my good old CD in Dosbox and loaded my old savegames from 1998 and picked up right where I left off conquering Myrran and then invading the earth like world. I spent a lot of my teenage years in the 90s playing MoM so it was so much fun to play it again all these years later. When I finally finished my game I decided to make a tribute page on my retro website paying tribute to MoM along with listing the great many successful & sadly unsuccessful MoM related fan remake/sequel projects out there to make sure that they are never forgotten and can inspire talented MoM fans to create new MoM projects in the future. I also created a list of other games out there that are similar to MoM as there are many spiritual sequels these days. For these lists I collected pics, vids, demos, and information for as many of them as possible. I could use some help from the community with this list as I'm sure there's more I don't know about. This is my latest summary of the website list below.

(Note: Originally built in 2001 this website is still deliberately very late 90s early 2000s retro in design. So if you're not nostalgic for old retro websites with music, animating gifs & left click browsing then you probably won't like it)


Master of Magic Legacy Games list (Updated 1/3/2020) :
Very Similar Games
- Civizard - Majutsu no Keifu (Official Japanese Playstation conversion of MoM)
- Age of Wonders Series
- Master of Magic Civ2 Fantastic Worlds Scenario
- Worlds of Magic / Planar Conquest
- Elemental / Fallen Enchantress / Sorcerer King Series
- Endless Legend
- Warlock Series
- Eador Series
- Deity Empires

Similar Games
- War Barons
- Last Days of Old Earth
- Armello
- Thea: The Awakening
- Dominions Series
- Conquest of Elysium Series

Sort of Similar Games
- Lords of Magic - Special Edition
- Heroes of Annihilated Empires
- Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil Eye
- Heroes of Might & Magic Series
- Disciples Series
- Warlords Series

Fan Games/Mods
- Caster of Magic mod
- Master of Magic - Implode's Multiplayer Edition (HD)
- Leylines
- Master of Myrror - Civ3 Conquests Mod
- Master of Mana - Civ4 BTS Mod
- Realms of Hope
- Xarvh
- Master of Magic The Resurrection
- Magic Master Project
- Magic Master Java Shell
- Master of Magic Clone
- Master of Magic .NET
- Master of Magic Restoration
- Age of Magic
- Re-Master of Magic
- Master of Magic Java Emulator
- Taranthor's Master of Magic - Civ 3 Mod
- MoM 32
- Master of Magic Spin-off Project

If you know of a game series I've missed that's very similar to MoM, a fan game based on MoM, or a large scale mod project related to MoM please let me know! :)
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