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Master of Magic & Caster of Magic - v6.01 Update

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:42 pm
by AlbertoC
Hello everyone!

We are releasing a new update for Master of Magic & Caster of Magic, bringing a number of fixes. Thanks to all who reported bugs and provided us with feedback.

Changelog 6.01
-Fixed bug : predefined items with Invisibility or Invulnerability can't be generated even beyond the intended turn of 100. (note, this did not affect random generated items, those could have had these item powers on them.) -On Normal and Easy difficulty, the AI will engage enemies in melee with ranged units that run out of ammo, even if their attack strength is low.
-On Fair difficulty, Neutral enemies will not try to use any of the stalling tactics.
-Fixed bug : Attempting to cast Holy Weapon when Holy Arms is in effect fails to display the correct warning message and might cause the game to crash.
-Fixed bug : Moving units with the keyboard bypasses the planar check.
-Map generation continent size is now more accurate and continent generation is faster. (thanks, Drake178!) -Fixed 5.7 bug : game sometimes crashes or corrupts memory when AI is trying to flee.
-The AI will no longer flee from battles where all their remaining units are Confused and switched sides for the turn.
-On Easy difficulty, enemy wizards are now forbidden from being Chaotic personality in addition to the previous restrictions.
-Overland spells now have a Counter-resistance vs Nightshade equal to their base cost. Cost modifiers (such as Evil Omens or Specialist) will not alter the success rate.
-Overhauled the “base cost” vs “effective cost” handling for overland spells. This fixes the bug of incorrect Spell Blast costs during Evil Omens. Spells that use the spell slider : Disenchant Area, Disjunction and Dispelling Wave are excluded from this fix : Their slider cost still affects the dispelling power and the other cost modifiers still do not. Yes, this means Spell Blast might still counter these for a negative cost during Evil Omens, that can't be helped.
-Added a FAQ section to the document.
-Fixed bug : Towers are sometimes generated too close to the X edges of the map, especially on smaller maps.
-The frequency of generated rampaging monsters is now scaled down if player count is lower than 4 to compensate for having fewer players the monsters can attack.
-Overexpansion warnings will never trigger below 5 cities even if it's the early game on smaller landmass sizes.
-Fixed bug : The AI casts Dispelling Wave against Wall of Shadows when they are defending instead of when they are attacking.