Stirring Abyss - v1.06

A submarine crashes to the bottom of the sea. The crew must make critical repairs if there is any hope of escape. But they are not alone...
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Stirring Abyss - v1.06

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We've released a new major update for Stirring Abyss, featuring a new enemy type and new maps.

Check the full changelog below:

• A new enemy has been added.
• 2 new bonus missions have been added.
• Torpedoes are now craftable once you have repaired the Forward Torpedo Room. They have a fairly high resource cost so use them wisely!
• Added more detailed info to the log when damage shields absorb damage.

• Reduced the number of enemies in Endless mode Assassination missions.
• In the case where a diver has multiple different damage shields, the ones with lower duration will now properly get used first.
• Fixed an issue that was still sometimes causing Soviet Cache bonus missions to immediately complete or fail when starting them.
• Fixed an issue where Burst Pods count as cover for themselves after loading a mission from a save.
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