Feedback and diffferent ideas

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Feedback and diffferent ideas

Post by K13f3R6RucH » Fri Apr 16, 2021 11:03 am

The following features would be great.

- In the attack-plans it should be possible to select structures depending on weapons.
o Example: All airfields with 10k bombs attack the cities. (But all airfields with 50k bombs waiting.)
o So it would be possible to create 2 or more attack planes with the same type of structures but different targets.

- Often I have the problem, that the units (like bomber) do not attack reasonable (pathfinding/tactic).
o Example: Plan A: All airfields destroy the SAMs of Westasia.
o Then the planes will start, but they do not attack the first SAM. The fly over it, take damage und try to destroy the SAM at the other side of the country.
o So it would be great, if there would be an option for attacks in a reasonable sequence.

- The tactical nukes are a wonderful counter aganist structurs, but they are countered to easy.
o You need 40min to be ready for the first ALBM, but they will be countered by a technology which needs only 23min (SAM) and the SAMs destroys 1k / 10k rockets and tactical nukes. So ALBMs are not worth it, because the time is lost, when the enemy research SAMs.
o I hope you can make the tactical nukes worthwhile.
 Like: they have a higher possibility to reach their target or maybe you can insert a alternate reasearch to SAMs. One for the strategy nukes (1k/10k) and one for tactical nukes.

- Can you insert a reasearch so the normal u-boats are more effectiv.
o Like Missile start while submerged.

- Would it be possible to insert a research for the marine like for the planes. So it would be 3 different models for the ships, which represent their strenght and their fire options?

- Satellites are an important part of the world war, but unfortunately they can only spy.
o I have only a low interest to destroy a satellit, which saw my country, because the enemy already knows the position of my structures.
o So I hope for more option in the satellite research. Like a rocket depot in a Satellite.
 (like in the movie Space Cowboys).
 This thing over my head would be a motivation to destroy it.

Thanks for the game, guys.
And I hope you could use some of these thoughts for the future of the game.

P.S. Sorry for the gramma.

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