some ideas for the game

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Experience every bone-rattling explosion and soul-crushing charge in Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, the definitve battle-scale game of turn-based strategy and fast-paced combat that takes you to the battlefields of the 41st Millenium.
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some ideas for the game

Post by MamaKi11 » Sun May 02, 2021 7:29 pm

I there.

I'm writing this post with the intent of exposing some ideas I think this game could have.
I hope this is the right place for this! If it is not, I am sorry and please tell me where I should write my ideas.

I like the 40k theme a lot. And I see this game going in the same direction as the other titles of Warhammer 40k that are available in Slitherine -> skirmish matches with a bland PvE campaign.

How I see Warhammer 40k:
- a huge universe with things happening all over the place (not little skirmishes, with nothing happening in a logistic level)
- problems everywhere (logistics, retreat lines and supply lines being cut off, faithful having problems vs heretics, several war fronts vs lots of different enemies meaning extinction is around the corner, etc), everyone wants to kill everyone.
- humanity has to respond to several situations, prioritizing some things over others (meaning, sometimes millions of people will die).
- the enemy is so strong, that humanity will never be able to exterminate any of the other factions (no relief of the pressure of the possible human extinction).
- it's an eternal war
- the scale of things can blow someone's mind (huge battleships, huge titans, elite "people" can decimate thousands of enemies with their psychic powers, etc)
- specialization of units to counter certain types of enemies (huge customization and varied units)

- fighters are recruited from several planets and are deployed on a mass scale on several warzones

So, all this said, if this game goes in the same direction as "Sanctus reach" or "armageddon", it will be a clone of those games but with better graphics (I guess). this is an opportunity to be sooooo much more. the points I list are barely explored or not explored at all in other games.

Do I want a strategic layer to a Warhammer 40k game? yes.
Does it has to be a copy of "sid Myers civ"? No. it can be a little simpler, with lots of more action (focus on the action). resources, faith, recruitment, transport, obey chapter master/inquisition and earn points for my efforts, level up to get access (from my chapter) to more powerful units and harder missions.

Do I want an eternal war that means something to me? yes
defending my friend's outposts that are being overwhelmed, resupply him with reinforcements (my available units will be used in several situations) and logistical stuff -> the universe is not static, several things are happening at the same time, we need materials, help guild members (or should I say "my chapter brothers"), recover lost planets from heresy and/or Xenos (and lose them again)
(daily missions that give you rewards for doing certain tasks:
"defend this place" - for those who want to get the feeling of having a good defensive system where the units are well entrenched and also have good positioning of gun emplacements.
"recover lost sector"
"resupply certain areas that are getting exhausted from war attrition"
"spread the will of the emperor" (hunt down the heretics - faith meter cannot get too low)

PvP area (conquest has meaning for your chapter) (maybe a mini-campaign PvP chapter vs chapter) (be the "bad guys" daily mission)

aesthetics customization (my chapter is different from others)

tactics: vision range (already implemented), flanking, critical hits (back armor of a tank), rock paper scissors (what is good vs what?), weapons and gear (lots of it plz) (grenades are not unlimited in the space marines belt, and should not kill everything with one-shot)

keywords that I focus on: tactics, strategy, gameplay, replayability, being part of something with MEANING.

these are just ideas. I bet the devs can do wonderful things if they want to.
The game already has the units and story (lore) to back up the setting that we all love.
Please add some new ideas, so the game is not only niche-focused (a somewhat small niche), and the war effort (our effort, as players) has some meaning.
If you create good gameplay for this game, w 40k will increase in popularity. And it deserves that (because it is awesome).

Thank you if you read this.
Sorry if my English is not on point. I hope it doesn't give a migraine to someone, hahahaha.

Have a good day. The Emperor Protects.

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