Steam and GOG Release

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Steam and GOG Release

Post by LegionNostalgia2002 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:21 pm

Could you make Chariots of War (and Legion: Gold for that matter) available on Steam and GOG, please? It's quite puzzling why these games haven't been released there yet:

1. Both of them work perfectly on modern systems, there's no need to install any compatibility patches.
2. Slitherine already sells its other games on Steam and GOG, why make an exception for Legion and Chariots of War?

I bought these games from the Slitherine's store already, but it would be nice to have additional digital backups. Besides, CoW and Legion will get much more exposure on those popular storefronts.

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Re: Steam and GOG Release

Post by honvedseg » Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:38 pm

I'd repurchase CoW as a download, if it were available on GOG. My game CD won't run under Windows 10, like any other game with on-disc copy protection, so I've bought digital download copies of most of my old games. I had issues with Steam, years ago, and won't deal with them again.

My bigger wish would be for a newer and deeper game in the Biblical timeframe, basically anything set BEFORE the Classical Greek and Roman periods. CoW is showing its age quite heavily, but there's nothing else available covering that era.

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