Version 2 lists

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Version 2 lists

Post by player » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:59 am

With all the proposed changes for version 2 rules it would be odd not to have the lists amended and therefore published. There are already glaring errors in the exisitng books and these can be amended as well. For example in Swifter than Eagles, the book I am most familar with, here is a error that needs changing:
The Assyrian Empire list allows Superior Armoured drilled Cavalry only after 704 BC (which is correct). However, the Kushite Egyptian allows this troop type after 732 BC, sometime before the Assyrians can have it. The Assyrians conquered Egypt in the 7th century and introduced this more advanced armoured cavalry, so how is it that the Kushites can have the more advanced cavalry before the Assyrians. A date for the Superior Armoured Kushite cavalry needs to be added to the Kushite list, which I would suggest is after 670BC - the time of the Assyrian conquest of Egypt.
The same goes for the Urartian list which allows the Superior armoured cavalry after 750BC and some 46 years before that of Assyria. This is patently wrong and needs to fit in with the Assyrian Empire list.
In fact it would have been better to have all these armoured cavalry as average and then give the Assyrians the option of Superior (with horse armour) at a later date - perhaps in Esarhaddon's reign - say 670BC.

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