AAR: Diplomaticus vs Morris--Morris welcome!

After action reports for Commander Europe at War.

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Re: AAR: Diplomaticus vs Morris--Morris welcome!

Post by JimR » Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:57 pm

Stauffenberg wrote:I think we should not add limitations to where minor country units could operate. That will complicate the game for little gain. People are allowed in GS to try ahistorical strategies and we don't know how minor powers would react to what-if strategies. So better let these countries have freedom to where they send their units. If you take the risk and empty their home country then you have to accept they surrender quickly if an enemy sneaks in a paratrooper or partisan into the minor country capital.
My two cents' worth: I don't think we should make a challenging Axis situation more difficult by imposing restrictions on the use of units from Axis minors. The surrender/switch sides rules already in place mean that the Axis player has to be conscious not to neglect the minor Axis allies' home fronts.

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