GS 4.00 beta Plaid vs Vokt (Allied AAR)

After action reports for Commander Europe at War.

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Re: GS 4.00 beta Plaid vs Vokt (Allied AAR)

Post by Plaid » Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:07 pm

Turn 102 - February 21, 1945

Hamburg taken by Americans, so thats end of the game.


Final casualties screen. Massive German and Soviet air casualties most noteably.


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Re: GS 4.00 beta Plaid vs Vokt (Allied AAR)

Post by schnetzler » Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:22 pm

:) "When Germans try to kill units, sitting in these forts, they become Guards and hold for prolonged time.
Another question is why do Soviets have 3 Guard units limit in 1941 - should be only 1 in my opinion."

I agree with this criticism. V4.00 introduced a lower experience value (30 rather than 75) to promote soviet guard units. That's unrealistic : few attacks with a lot of losses :evil: and the unit becomes a new guard unit :D Note that in the real world we get more experience by inflicting losses than by suffering losses .

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Re: GS 4.00 beta Plaid vs Vokt (Allied AAR)

Post by Peter Stauffenberg » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:29 pm

I guess you understand you're commenting on a 9 month old AAR from an earlier beta version.

Guards XP needed has never been 75 as you described. We've tried values between 28 and 35 and ended up with 30. We needed to have the value that low for enough guards to spawn and survive to become a factor later in the game.

Remember that units being promoted to guards will be in the front line and often quite depleted. So these will often be finished off by the Axis player in the upcoming Axis turn. Quite a few players complained it was quite hard to actually get guards units they could use because they get destroyed before they can get them to safety and repair losses.

The number of guards units that can spawn in 1941 is 2. Not 3 as you describe. I general we increased the number of guards units after 1941, but we also made a similar increase in the number of SS units.

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