Unification of Italy: Strategy/Tactics????

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Re: Unification of Italy: Strategy/Tactics????

Post by smmoulder » Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:28 pm

IainMcNeil wrote:Yes each fort level adds one squad to the garrison force but having any type of fort increases the size of your squads to medium. So by adding a small fort to a city you go from 1 small to 2 medium squads defending the city which is quite a difference. The garrison squad is the best squad the city can produce, so if you can produce Legionaries you'll get Legionaries.
OK, this is all super helpful and definitely cleared up my confusion. Thanks Iain and everyone else for your answers.

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Re: Unification of Italy: Strategy/Tactics????

Post by cptdavep » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:09 pm

I've just won this scenario for the first time on iPad. First time I tried it I was the Romans and found my resources too stretched trying to defend several fronts at once and kept losing citys.

I started again as one of the tribal nations at the foot of the country, I found this much easier to manage as I only had to concentrate on one front at a time. It also meant that I only had to build military buildings and keep armies in the front line cities, allowing cities behind the line to concentrate on resource production. So I had a little system going, I'd build my cities up, then launch an attack on a new city, wait to build up the new city then move onto the next, each time converting the cities behind the line from military to resource production. This methodical approach allowed me to gradually work my way up the country until I achieved victory.

Having pulled this off with the tactical advantage of fighting on a single front I think I feel confident enough to have another go as the Romans.

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Re: Unification of Italy: Strategy/Tactics????

Post by scarfacetarraff » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:58 pm

I won with the Romans, and I agree, their geographical location makes things interesting.

I allied with a few neighbors to create buffer zones. Large armies in the field eat up resources quickly, so a few garrisoned units with forts is enough to deter the AI from marching long distances. I would usually maintain 2-3 large armies near my fronts, and push forward. Taking breaks to consolidate resources and build improvements.
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Re: Unification of Italy: Strategy/Tactics????

Post by Yaakov001 » Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:14 pm

OK. I have been playing History Channel: Great Empires Rome, the conquest of Italy scenario as the Romans. This is on the NDS handheld. Until now, EVERY time I played this game I got my tail stomped in any scenario. But now I happen to be reading a book on Roman history to augment my knowledge for a book I am writing. I took Roman History in college , but decided a refresher was in order. I was reading the chapter on the conquest of Italy, and decided to relax and play that scenario. As I played it, I realised that the maps are all accurate! Further, I discovered that some cities make more wood than metal, for example, or more metal than food, or what have you. I further began to realise that if I THOUGHT like a Roman, I could maybe win this thing! That's how bloody realistic HCGER is.It replicates the maps, how much cities produce and of what, what military units a city can make, how those units fight and dress, how much they cost to make and maintain, and so-forth.

Another biggie is diplomatic relations. Don't piss off everybody at once. I made alliances with every nation on my border recently so I could fight the Etruscans.That was when I had 7 cities. Now I have 2 more from the Etruscans. They don't like me much. I have never seen Legion (Gold) being played. I know that on the DS, graphics and sound for HCGER are a little light. Not horrible, but not as packed as DS graphics and sound normally are. I expect this is to make room for the insane level of memory the game needs to keep track of every piece of data.

The game has actually helped me with research for my book, which is going to be a history textbook for the university and graduate school level. It will probably be the first time that a video game has ever been cited in the bibliography of a history text.

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