Supporting the Original Field of Glory

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Re: Supporting the Original Field of Glory

Post by Old_Warrior » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:36 pm

Can the older modules be redone so that they work with the NEW version of FoG (Unity)?

And why hasn't the Editor become an option in FoG Unity?

Honestly, Iain, this may be one of the biggest wastes of your funding if somehow the entire set of modules is not available in ONE of the games. I am no programmer as you know and bow to your superior understanding of why the new modules cannot work in the old game but why cannot the old modules be ported forward.

That said ... I believe that any customer that wants a FULL refund on the new modules should be granted this. Slitherine has not given us an editor and its obvious from the lack of Multiplayer forum activity that MP games are now not even an option.

I would get your Newrosoft to port forward the older modules into the new Unity format and offer them as one "Pack" of modules so that the Unity product would get more interest. Then I would stop supporting the older game, stop updates for it, and move everyone over to the new product. Either that or quit selling the Unity product modules altogether. I don't have the sales data for it obviously but if the MP forum is any indication it cant be selling a lot of units. Or is the strategy here to get everyone to shell out more money for FoG2, have us buy all the modules all over again? I see that FoG2:Immortal Fire is out and is selling for $14.99. If I get the core game and buy all of the modules too (which is my habit) I will end up spending a lot of money. Will there be any discount to the loyal FoG customers who bought the earlier modules when they go to buy the newer FoG2 products?

The main thing for me is that we have no Editor and the Multiplayer is abandoned. What are the plans to try and correct this problem? Will the editor option be available soon?

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Re: Supporting the Original Field of Glory

Post by Micha63 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:29 pm

It seams every Support for the Fog 1 and unity has stopped.
You can convert the old Scenarios to Fog unity, go to scenariodesign.
The last update: ...

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Re: Supporting the Original Field of Glory

Post by Duglor » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:50 am

Just got the original Field of Glory for my 2011 all-in-one, It's wonderful. Sorry I'm so late. I purchased all the content thanks to the original message :D
be well!
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