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When Resigning is Totally Acceptable

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:41 pm
by Old_Warrior
There are times when I have played Field of Glory that the outcome is totally obvious and continuing on is a waste of time. However, some have a hard lined/hard ass attitude about resigning so here are some basic guidelines which I use to determine if the battle should continue:

1. If the army rout points count is so totally lopsided and my army is only 10-15 points away from losing. There is no need to continue. The outcome is obvious.

2. When the matchup is so obviously lopsided that after 5-8 turns its obvious that my army has "zip zero" chance of winning.

I never stop play because I have a headache, dont feel good, am not up for a good fight.

I lose the vast majority of my games and here is one big huge reason: the percentage for victory in the battle has shown by the "Pre-assault percentage" over the unit shows that I have a HUGE chance of winning (I am talking 75% or higher) but yet when I attack I lost 56 men and Disrupt. Then the rest is history. The unit is toast. A lot of us are seeing this. Frankly the percentage is a huge lie. The huge problem with the series is the d6 die roll. Folks, D6 anything in a game is ancient history (pun fully intended). The D6 went out years ago. No wargame should be using a D6 anymore. The results are too narrow. D10 is in. It gives you a wider range of choices in design strategy.

I still enjoy this game. I still wish that the Field of Glory modules that came at the end worked with this game. I hope that someone has figured out how to port over the battles and unit and army lists from the Unity FoG over to old FoG. If you do please PM me. I would love to get the download. (I own the Unity FOG but rarely play it .. what a classic waste)

FYI - as a Scenario Designer I have finished 10 game projects and I am about to finish my 11th title. I am not a quitter. I am a closer. When someone goes to the trouble of setting up a game and laying out their units and coming up with a strategy I honor that.

However, in our game club where we played anything from Napoleonic miniatures to a WW2 monster game, once a battle was obviously over, we called the game so that we could move on to playing something else or do a rematch. Enjoyment of a game is key here. Who wants to continue getting pounded every turn? If that is your thing and you demand that the game go the full distance every time ... avoid accepting my games. I am no masochist and I dont expect you to be either.

I love when the game comes down to the last turn and its one side or the other that will crack. I just finished a game like that where my army of slaves led by Spartacus held off my opponent - we ended up at a Draw! Great game. I know, everyone loves to win, but a Draw means that both sides gave it all that they could.

ENJOY! That is what we are here for. Holding a trophy over your head is vain.