The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

PC : Battle Academy is a turn based tactical WWII game with almost limitless modding opportnuities.

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The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

Post by noissy » Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:24 pm

If you would allow me, I should like to introduce you folk that like to play games 'human to human' (pbem, multiplayer, etc), to 'The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen' (WGCG).

The club website link will tell you what the club is all about, along with all the games supported at the WGCG. (Check out the Database at the website).

We currently support many leagues covering some 200+ games so, There should be something for everyone!

The club rules are simple - treat each other the way you would like to be treated - with respect.

Basically, we are looking for more new members.
Our main intention is to build a close knit community of wargamers that grows
into a well respected club in the wargames community.
We have a friendly group of members who are always ready to help the new guys and, the club moderators are only too happy to assist new members integrate and
get started in the WGCG.

There is also a Facebook Group that acts as a private forum for the members and where you can find opponents to take on and discuss anything related to wargaming.

The club member profiles means that all your games are logged as a record of your gaming since day one of your membership, along with rank, medals, etc.

Come and take a look and, better still, join us! Remember to apply through the club website (required) and follow the simple directions there.

Thank you!

Peter Jeavons,
Club owner
The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen.
Visit us - The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

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