Field of glory pc game version 1.8.1 with update.

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Field of glory pc game version 1.8.1 with update.

Post by notjustdon » Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:10 pm

Hi to someone who might be interested to reply to the error/bug below. Have included the original text from the first email to the admin, but no one has come back with an answer to the issue, so Thought I'd throw it open to everyone to look at. Cheers.

Have been playing this game now for a number of months and I must admit it is awesome. I have just started a new game online but each time I click play it comes up with an error code. When I close the notification box it closes the game down. Have restarted and it repeats the same problem. I have then started again and played another game with no issues, sent the game on to my oppenent started the troublesome game and again it closes the game down. I have managed to copy the error message and have pasted it below for you to cast your eyes over.

1.8.1 2012 07 10 win
uiplayer.s.Figure.Load o uiplayer.s.Figure b
uiplayer.s.Figure.LoadRequiredFigures b
uiplayer.s.AncientsCounter.ReclaimUnitImageMemory A1o uiplayer.Counter b
uiplayer.s.AncientsUI.LoadGame o uiplayer.s.AncientsUI o gameinstance.InstanceFile
uiplayer.UIImp.LoadGame o uiplayer.UIImp o gameinstance.InstanceFile o gameinstance.GameManager
gameinstance.GameManagerImp.LoadGame o gameinstance.GameManagerImp o gameinstance.InstanceFileImp
gameinstance.Program.StartPlaying o gameinstance.Program o gameinstance.GameManagerImp o gameinstance.InstanceFileImp
gameinstance.Program.blnLoadGame b o gameinstance.Program o gameinstance.InstancePlaceholder i4 gameinstance.PlayMode o net.GamesListItem
uiplayer.UIImp.blnAttemptToLoadGame b o uiplayer.UIImp o gameinstance.InstancePlaceholder i4 gameinstance.PlayMode o net.GamesListItem o i4o XmlDocument o gameinstance.CombinedSaveFile s
net.ClientHandlerImp.ParsedMessage o net.ClientHandlerImp i4 net.ClientHandlerImp.Command i4ss
net.ClientHandlerImp.ParseMessage o net.ClientHandlerImp sb
net.ClientHandlerImp.Message o net.ClientHandlerImp s
net.IPCMessageSocket.ForwardMessages o net.IPCMessageSocket
Delegate.IM Invoke
util.DelegateTimer.Event Action o util.DelegateTimer
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p

The other point of note is we tried this using the same armies on 3 seperate games all with the same outcome, those being Achmaenid Persians against Bactro Greeks(twice) and the Achmaenids against Macedonians. We now have 3 games which won't play but still appear on the games list in current games, can they be deleted?!

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Re: Field of glory pc game version 1.8.1 with update.

Post by VPaulus » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:05 am

Check if your Internet security programs aren't interfering.

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