[BUG] rev 1042 [MP] Replay problems

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[BUG] rev 1042 [MP] Replay problems

Post by majandro » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:24 pm


I was testing the new replay system, as now there is three modes of replay (manual, next phase and auto) and after push the "n" key the game got crazy and didn't stop the replay, the game continue with the IA taking my troops. After that, I can select the stop button and quit the "replay".

In the mp game menu, I can select the game, as it appear in my current turn, but now the replay start in the first turn! and after all the replay, the game quits or show a drawn end game.

Please, can you indicate a email to send the console_log.txt and output_log.txt?

Inside you can find the serials, so I suppose its better not to post here.



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