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Field of Glory: Unity

Post by Old_Warrior » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:19 pm

Is there something wrong with FoG:Unity's Multiplayer forum? I tried to accept a challenge but it doesn't seem to be working. My one challenge I posted is still there.

I am HIGHLY dissatisfied with the way that the entire FoG 1 path has followed into the Unity structure and really feel that its only fair that the customers get the last few modules (WftS, OoF) for use in the former FoG format. Now I know that this is NOT going to happen so I expect that a full refund should be an option. I am definitely not satisfied with the product for these reasons:

1. No scenario editor. Its greyed out.
2. Multiplayer doesn't work.
3. No porting of former armies from older FoG to Unity FoG.

It really was wrong to advertise these modules to work with Multiplayer or under the banner of FoG. I was lead to believe that they would eventually work in the same way that the older modules works. Its sad that there is no editor.

I thought maybe I had missed an updated but no, I have the latest version.

Now please, don't tell me "Get Field of Glory 2, its a superior product."

I like the old product with its issues. I paid for the modules too. The Editor be should added in eventually as an option too.

Are folks posting challenges to the Multiplayer forum? I do remember reading that some didn't like the new program.

Isn't there a chance that the new modules be ported back to the older format? Its a terrible disappointment that these last modules end up hung out to dry like this.

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